A real Russell conspir? Not Illuminati bull corn.

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I posted about this not too long ago. But I can't find it now.

    Rutherford wasn't too happy that the brethren were wearing beards similar to Russell's. The Director of the German branch office wanted a new printing press. Rutherford said he would give it to him if he got rid of the beard.. The Director took it off.

    And so started a trend in getting away from any memory of Russell

  • MerryMagdalene

    While searching for what Lady Lee referred to above, I found this...I haven't quite figured out the deeper signifcance yet but I am pretty sure there is one...there just has to be...

    Bearded collies... work ‘far and away’, searching for lost sheep,
    and do not intimidate stock with their ‘eye’...
    Rutherford strain of smooth-coated collies...
    ...‘bare-skinned’ or smooth-coated ‘collies’ (forerunners of what we recognise today as Kennel Club registered Smooth Collies) had strong temperaments...

    Definitely time for bed...


  • BluesBrother

    I found no earlier reference than this on the c/d rom. . I guess that shows that at least between 1950 and 1968 there was no written word on the subject. I would guess that this is the first reference... They did not want to be considered hippies...(peace and love ..man)


    w68 5/1 p. 288 Questions from Readers ***

    Today Christian ministers, like the early Christians, are concerned with neatness and cleanness, but they strive to dress inconspicuously, so that their appearance does not in any way detract from the dignity or the effectiveness of the message they bear. (2 Cor. 6:3, 4) In recent years in many lands a beard or long hair on a man attracts immediate notice and may, in the minds of the majority, classify such a person undesirably with extremists or as rebels against society. God’s ministers want to avoid making any impression that would take attention away from their ministry or hinder anyone from listening to the truth. They know that people are watching true Christians very critically and that to a great extent they judge the entire congregation and the good news by the minister’s appearance as a representative of the congregation.

    In paradise restored on earth it would not be out of order if men returned to wearing beards, in perfect fashion, like Adam in Eden.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Not exactly on point, but it shows how appearance is so important.

    From Awake! Feb 6th, 1989

    Plastic Surgery -- Is it for Christians?

    Some Christian ministers have found that their phsyical appearance is so repulsive that it detracts from the Kingdom Message they seek to spread. Mary*, a Christian from California, says, "My three noses were all anyone wanted to talk about! I hardly ever got to read a scripture, except to blind householders. And they invariably want to touch my face, then it's over." Yes, butt-ugliness can be a challenge to those engaged in the ministry. Some have found that cosmetic surgery can help them overcome this hurdle. Mary, mentioned earlier, had breast augmentation surgery. "Now no one even glances at my face," she reports, "And I finally get to finish my presentations. I've even gotten invited in!"

    Will YOU allow your god-awful body to detract from your witnessing work? Or will you, like Mary, accept the inevitable and make a change for the better?

    * Mary's real name is Nancy


  • james_woods

    One real old-timer (he was around in the 1930's) remembered when they were actually looking for Daniel and Jeremiah.

    He told me that a lot of people would look around at meetings and conventions to see if anyone had a beard and then make jokes - (maybe it was one of the holy men of old). He also said that they "just didn't know how silly that was at the time". Well, that came from the exact same time as the Great Crowd and the annointed remnant division, and you guys kept that part.

    Wonder if this got a little embarassing after say 15 years with none of the ancients able to identify as such? Maybe that is part of the anti-beard thing?

    Actually, in my opinion it was hatred of free thinking hippies (and that ubiquitous picture of Jesus) that fueled it during the 60's and 70's.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    One real old-timer (he was around in the 1930's) remembered when they were actually looking for Daniel and Jeremiah.

    This comes from Rutherford's belief that they ancients would be resurrected and live at Beth Sarim, the San Diego mansion that was built for them. See:

    Beth Sarim Deeds and transfers

  • greendawn

    I wonder why the WTS claims Russell as its founder since 80% of what they believe came from Rutherford, and they have rejected Russell's writings almost entirely. They really started in 1931 not 1880.

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    the man has yet to answer....

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    Ooops, now where did I leave my digital camera...

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