Gimme your best excuses

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  • Nosferatu

    "My worldly relatives came to visit, and have been overstaying a bit too long"

    "I've developed a fear of large crowds"

    "You know, Satan and his demons have been keeping me down lately. First the hot water tank blew up and I had to clean the entire basement.

    Then, the washing machine broke down and I had to wash a week's worth of the family's clothes by hand.
    Then, the refridgerator broke, and I had to can all the vegetables so they wouldn't go bad.

    Then, the Dryer broke down and I had to wait all Sunday for him to come and repair it.

    Then, our roof caved in and we had to get that taken care of so we wouldn't sleep in the cold.

    Then, on Thursday evening on our way to the meeting, the car exploded.

    Then, on Saturday while getting ready for leave for field service, my period exploded out of me and ruined my good service clothes and all my other ones were dirty because the fvvving washing machine was broken...."

    To summarize, list all the 5hit that can go wrong with your house.

  • inbyathread

    Not my excuse but my wifes. Since my nickname here as IBAT, I better be careful nicknaming my wife as the other bat. Anyway

    She was just asked if he had been ill as there was a bug going around.

    She said no, if she keeps away from sick people she won't get sick. She didn't apply it to the hall until after she had hung up and I told her how I took it.

  • geevee

    Just a point, we have noticed that when you are not sick and people ask about you and you say your are fine, they dont know how to answer that very well. They go through all the usual stuff, but if you aren't attending meetings, then you must be sick....that's the only possible excuse for not going isn't it??
    One guy come up to us in the supermarket and wondered how we were going in the other congregation in our city. We said we dont go there, we dont go anywhere, he was dumbfounded, didn't know what to say!

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