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  • justsomedude

    Ok folks, I know there are some creative people on this board so help me out here. I'm successfully fading so far, but every now and again I get some well meaning zealot ask me about my missing the 5 weekly brainwashing sessions and the priviledge of hocking crap door to door. As sort of a reverse reasoning book, lets see some good conversation stoppers that wont give away my position.

  • IP_SEC

    Im my own man/woman. I do what I want. Your meetings are boring puke and I refuse to go.

  • AlmostAtheist

    "I've been so depressed lately, I just can't seem to get motivated."

    Depression is common among JW's, so the excuse is quickly accepted. And it also has a put-off'ing effect, so they're not likely to keep bugging you about it.

    Good luck!


  • justsomedude
    Im my own man/woman. ; I do what I want. ; Your meetings are boring puke and I refuse to go.

    That might be too straight forward. I already have tactless and angry mastered.

  • IP_SEC
    tactless and angry mastered

    I prefer to call it honest and grown up...

  • Dune

    "I've been too busy" This will be followed by some incredibly self-righteous answer. Where you'll say "I guess you're right, i'll try my best to come to the next meeting" of course you dont come, and THAT particular person wont bother you again.

    "I havent been taking my medication" *with a wide eyed gaze*

    "My herpes is acting up again"

  • Legolas

    Yep I think the depression one will work well.

    And just add that you know where the meetings are held if you want to go!

    That for now you just want to be left alone to sort things out on your own!

  • DannyBloem

    I am going to another hall, because I do not like the one I use to attend in

  • justsomedude

    I thought about the whole depression thing, but I figured that would just encourage people to be more upbuilding. I want something to just leave the nosy folks cold.


    "Well, I'd like to come to the meetings, but the court order says I cant come within 50 feet of a child."

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I would use the "i'm looking at other halls that need me to serve where the need is greater".

    If that dosn't work for you, how about the good old...

    - Have to put more time in at work
    - Not feeling well (works for many of the elders I know)
    - Have been attending, you just haven't noticed cause I have to leave a few minutes early.
    - New job causes me to travel, I attend all the meetings, but not here. You wouldn't believe how strong the brothers are in (insert place far away here)

    Good luck man, wish you the best.

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