The other sheep: Looking for an apologist to offer an explanation

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  • Calliope

    <div>i wish i could work through one erroneous wit claim per week, but i keep coming on the board and being overwhelmed with these thoroughly researched issues that blow the borg out of the water.

    IP_SEC, when do you have time to research these things?
    i am in awe of your fastidiousness (if that's a word)...

    about the scriptures "interpretation", it seems so clear when you read the context now. how does the borg come up with these aberrations?


  • acadian

    It looks to me that Jesus was talking to the Jews first, then referring to everyone else second,and that all have the oppertunity to be of the anointed.

    One flock... Jesus came first, to gather the lost sheep of Israel, and show the "Way" to salvation, and then the "Way" of salvation
    was brought to the other sheep...making them one flock.

    Corinthians 1:21 21 Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us,

    Who are the us, and who are the you.


  • Narkissos


    As to the distinction between "we" and "you" in Pauline literature, especially 2 Corinthians, I think it is less "Jewish vs. Gentile" per se than "Apostles-Missionaries vs. recipients of the Gospel". The "we" of 1:21 is specifically "Silvanus, Timothy and Paul" (v. 19). See

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