NFL Playoffs

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  • Beep,Beep

    I just wish I had money on the games. 4 - 0, what a weekend.

    Let's go Steelers. Hope the Seahawks can win next week too.

  • JeffT

    Sherry - it was probably before you were born, but the sonics won the NBA championship in the 1978/1979 season.

    I like the Steelers too, if it comes down to Pittsburg vs. Carolina I will go steelers, but I want to see the 'hawks get there.

  • Gretchen956

    JeffT, not before I was born but certainly before I was in this part of the country. Born and raised in Montana, never really paid much attention to basketball until recently with the WNBA. Still, been a long time for Seattle!


  • Vormek2.8

    I cant say who will win, I only hope one of the players doesn't rape or murder someone at a club afterwards. Also, I dont think Jesus cares who wins.

  • Gretchen956

    Welcome Vormek, strange post, but welcome nontheless!


  • DanTheMan

    I've always been a Bengals fan, even through the laughing-stock years. Carson Palmer gave us something to cheer about for the first time in a long time. It was so sad to see him go down last week. It might be over for him too, career-wise. I hope he can come back but that was about as bad a knee blowout as you can have. :(

  • tijkmo

    steelers - colts.....i have just watched the highlights of this.....twas brill...wish id watched the whole game live

  • Purza
    Two, I think the officials made a bad overturn call on that Polamalu interception (I had a bad feeling when the review took so long).

    I so agree with you rocketman. I had no fear that the call would be overturned. And then when it was, I went ballistic. I could hear my friend saying "I can't believe she is scream at the tv like that". I really wish we could find out what happens to the refs when a bad call is made. There were MORE THAN ONE bad calls in that Steelers game. I swear that was a safety when they sacked Manning towards the end of the 4th quarter.

    Purza (Who is hoping for a Steelers/Seahawks match up)!

  • Gretchen956

    Ah Purza, if we get that Steelers Seahawks match up I'll send a toast your way during the game. (microbrew)



  • Beans

    Some awesome games on the wekend, I'm rooting for the Steelers! I just hope that the Superbowl could get more exciting and I think this year may prove to be just that.

    I will be watching the game in Cancun!!!!

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