Sharing the Joy... of Open Mindedness, and Apostasy

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  • nilfun

    Funchback, I'm guessing that if she didn't give RR permission to pick up her phone and read the messages in the first place, she just might be one of those JW females who are raised up to be passive and in subjection to the males in the congregation. If so, she mightn't be assertive enough to tell RR where to go when he started reading through her personal schtuff.

  • Eyebrow2

    shame on you for picking up her phone

    I think it is good you are sharing this info with her, because a lot of teenagers just leave because they don't agree with it because it can be a difficult life and they want to have fun. But then, they come back, dive in...and then when they realize it is all really bs they feel it is too late because they are already baptised.

    Oh wait...that was ME! =)

    Seriously, though...I think giving her this info so that she will have real knowledge to justify your reasons for leaving is great.

  • vitty

    Be careful, my sons friend stopped going to meetings a few months back but is thinking of going back because of family pressure. When that happens they sometimes make a great effort to be in the "truth" and start conffessing not only their sins but all their friends too.

    Ive seen this happen often, in one case things were brought up that happened when they were teenagers and one bloke was DFs and another was taken off being an elder !!!!!!!

    Ive warned my son not disclose anything that could be used against him or us as a family. Its worse than living in a closed country !

    Good luck just be careful

  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler

    Careful Richie - you remember what happened at the end of the book 1984.

    Anyhow, how come you ain't been busted yet? You ain't exactly subtle.

  • RichieRich

    Ok, Ok.

    Before everyone thinks I'm an ass, I didn't just steal her phone, and start diving into her personal business. She had me looking for a text message from someone, so I could get their phone number.

    I explained to her what the site meant. I told her that if she was to share it with the wrong person, itd be considered apostacy. She seemed to take it well.

    Now, I'm just waiting to talk to her again.

  • Mary

    Excellent Richie! Just make sure you count her as a Return Visit on your Service Report Card.

  • carla

    Good for you Richie!!!! Maybe you can open her eyes and the dominoe effect will take place with some of the younger people in the hall.

  • RichieRich
    Maybe you can open her eyes and the dominoe effect will take place with some of the younger people in the hall.

    lets hope.

    the way I figure, if shes dangling, and I show this to her, and she knows someone else who's dangling, and shows them, and they know someone....

    this could work well.

  • RichieRich

    I also want to clarify that she is looking at getting in trouble for FORNICATION here.

    not just some loose conduct.

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