current time requirements?

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  • carla

    Anybody have the current 'time requirements' for reg. publishers, pioneers, etc..? Also, can you tell me what are the duties of a MS besides holding the coveted microphone? thank you.

  • slugga

    It was 10 hours a month don't know if that has changed.

    Elders look after the spiritual need of the flock, the Ms are there to deal with the flocks physical needs, mikes, literature desk, sorting out the maps for the territory, reading at the CBS (though this seemed to vary depending on your congregation) as did sorting out the school. In some congregations I was in Ms ran the school in others an elder took the role on.

  • Legolas

    When I left it was ..

    publisher...10 hr

    aux pio.....50 hr

    pioneer.....70 hr

  • JH
    publisher...10 hr

    I was told to try to give what the average gives. So if the average was 14 hours, and I gave 10, I was below and in trouble...

    But I don't think the average is even 10 hours a a days.

  • IronClaw

    As far as I know now its:

    • Elderly and infirm : 15 min.
    • Publishers : 10 hrs
    • Aux pios : 40 hrs
    • Reg pios : 70 hrs
    • MS's are just the suck ups to due the bidding of the elders ( elder wanna be's )
  • AuldSoul

    Time requirements for reg. pub is 1 hour per month. With permission from BOE a pub can stay regular with only 15 minutes per month (those minutes must be high in fiber?)

    If you're male and want a privelege, you have to stomp the driveways for the national average (generally regarded as 10 hours per month).

    The good news is, you can discourage field ministry nationwide and get yourself a nice 1 hour requirement reduction—if your efforts are successful enough.

    Reg. Pio needs 70 and Aux. Pio needs 50, as stated.


  • JH
    Aux pios : 40 hrs

    Wasn't that 60 hours a month. I used to be an Aux. Pioneer a few months a year back in the late 80's.

  • onesong

    It's funny thinking about this now but my former PO averaged around 5 hrs. (the CO gave the avg.'s to all of us on the body) and had a family study factored into that. It used to get the rest of us so mad!

    Oh my,the things I used to get upset over!

  • carla

    Are you saying everybody in the cong is aware of everybody else's 'hours'?! How so? is it posted or something? or just gossip mill? Considering husband has used the fact that Catholics had a chart with the biggest contributors listed somewhere (not actual $ amounts) and found this so repulsive, all I can say is thanks for the info!

  • stillAwitness
    Wasn't that 60 hours a month. I used to be an Aux. Pioneer a few months a year back in the late 80's.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but they did reduce that number for both aux. and reguar pioneers a few years back

    Screw pioneering. I did it twice during my summer vacations back in high school and I was never able to complete my time anyway.

    But man, did I hate it! The whole concept of it is so ridiculous!

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