Circuit Overseer Celebrities?

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  • Fatfreek

    Hey, DelBoy -- welcome from our side of the pond. "I have lost my love for the truth, but never for Jehovah God. But it does seem if you are not a pioneer or struggling in some way that people look down on you." Don't be so hard on yourself. You don't really believe that you've lost love for truth, do you? Perhaps, yes, for "the truth" as the arrogant ones see it. Keep your thinking cap on. You're on the right track. Fats

  • luna2
    Did that CO's last name start with "L" and his wife was a bubblehead?

    Why, yes, both. I don't remember much about her, honestly, other than she had some sort of sensativity to scents. All the sistah's were cautioned not to use perfumed anything if they planned to be in her presence.

  • knothead34

    I've only been going to the KH for a little over a year and I noticed right off the bat that the CO got special attention. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I was introduced immediately the first time they came because I was fresh meat, the 2nd time I was stuck going out in service with the wife and some other women and I thought I would go crazy because she wouldn't shut up. she talked nonstop and it was mostly all about her and her "experiences". You could tell that she thought that she was imparting some great witness wisdom to me and I couldn't wait for the day to be over. She was also invited to my bible study and I think we got through about 4 paragraphs because she talked about herself so much and was prying into how I felt that we didn't really get through a whole lot of the study.

  • DaCheech

    Welcome to the club

  • greendawn

    People admire those of rank it's a childish mode of behaviour, and those holding some position of importance tend to get conceited, with few exceptions. But all these COs and DOs at the end of the day are there to intensely promote the interests of a totalitarian organisation so there is nothing good about them.

  • DaCheech

    I have lost all love for the truth, and the Jehovah of the JW bible.

    I am trying to keep the love for Jesus, for he showed great qualities

  • DaCheech

    This Sunday I was looking at the KH bulletin board.

    Seems like this neighboring congregation has close to 130 publishers. I looked at their meeting attendance and on average it was close to 80 present. Guess what? during the overseer visit the 100% were there during all 5+ meetings

  • skeeter1

    We were told not to worship man, or make a special day for him. So, we did not celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day. But, when the Circuit Overseer carpet, special lunches, special dinners, and shazaam! for anyone who was special enough to host the CO at his house! Go figure.


  • Dune

    I have the habit of not going up to C.O. If they happen to pass me, they'll get the usual handshake and smile that everyone gets. Our C.O came up to me cause i he remembered i had a part in the Assembly.

  • Fatfreek

    As I read all your posts it brings back memories from nearly 30 years ago when I left the Borg. However it all appears to be simple human nature.

    For example, my wife attends the local Church of Christ (Locust Bayou, AR) and about twice a year they have what they call "special meetings", from Sunday through Wednesday. I have heard the word "revival" mentioned but I don't know that is an official term. Their Circuit Overseer equivalent is the featured preacher, stays in a motel that is financed by the local church. He is a regular preacher from a nearby Texas town and does this special meeting thing several times a year. I understand attendance at his meetings are about double from what their regular meetings draw.

    During the day, he and his wife are guests for all meals at various homes. Our home is always one of those and I can testify to the first-class meals. I suspect they also want to impress this non-believer (me). After the meals, they visit for awhile, then he takes one or two of the locals and pays visits to the sick or weak. At night they have their 2-hour-long meetings.

    Yes, he is viewed (especially by the women) as one to be nearly worshipped.


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