Spiritually sick

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  • SallySue

    The only reason JW have to say spritually sick for this scripture is because they do not believe in physical healing and that scripture speaks of healing.

    It amazes me how they can twist things if it does not fit with the way they believe instead of changing the way they believe to agree with the Bible.

  • Sunspot
    Tell him that you need a "spiritual enema" to get rid of all the "shit" you were fed.

    So true! Not to mention some very serious and prolonged fasting from reading any more WTS litter-ature so the additional poisonous toxins can be eliminated from the rest of the body!

    Annie.........who feels much better now that I've been successfully "cleansed".

  • greendawn

    It is their environment that makes them spiritually sick because it is not wholesome emotionally, there is no real depth of spirituality and love, yet the org makes big demands.

  • peacefulpete

    It has been remarked many times that apart from the address and a couple brief interpolations the book is Jewish and not Christian. It doesn't refer to any uniquely Christian doctrine of practice. Healing was claimed done in Jewish rite in the manner described in James 5, they poured oil on the sick one and prayed. In Intertestamental texts Moses was said to have expelled demons by laying on of hands. GenApoc. 20:16-20

    For the Wt to face the reality that the Epist. James was not accepted into wide Christain use for hunders of years and that all evidence points to it being a Jewish work edited by Catholic redactors would be too much to ask.

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