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    Good to go bravo

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    has this article been released yet? took me forever to find this thread so i'm posting so it will be in my post history.

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    I really hope the article rams home the irony of the fact that the Society have fought tooth and nail all the way to the highest Courts on the planet for their own freedom of expression but here they have actively suppressed it in others.

    WELL SAID!!!!!

    Thanks for the encouraging news......Stephen Bates is terrific!


  • sixsixsixtynine
  • sixsixsixtynine
    A recent legal opinion in the US alleges that the Watchtower has wilfully misled followers over the reality of blood transfusions, which could lay it open to massive claims for damages from members who believe their relatives have died in vain because they thought they were following the word of God in rejecting transfusions.
    In the past the Watchtower has told local elders that a member accused of child abuse should only be reported to the police in the unlikely event of there being two independent witnesses to the abuse, otherwise the victim can be instructed to "wait on Jehovah" to sort things out
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    Nathan Natas


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    I copied this and intend to send it to every paper, tv station, radio station and every church in this area.

    Copies will be made and left in all the Laundromats and in restaurants.

    I am thinking about NAILING one to the local jw kingdumb hall door.

    Nah I'll just tape it there.


  • Beans

    I like that idea, why not paste it to the mags left in laundramats and do some street corner witnessing beside them with some quotes!

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