Elders Burst Into My Friends Home Uninvited/ Warning to Vegas JW Ladies

by Saoirse 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Last week, the elders came to the door while she was in the shower. Her young son answered the door. He told them she couldn't come to the door.

    Did her son say she couldn't come to the door BECAUSE she was in the shower? If so, then bursting into her home is not only bad-mannered but indecent as well !

    Frannie - I know of at least one 'sister' who got stalked in this manner. I don't understand how having a member of the opposite sex stay for a few hours (or indeed, overnight) can PROVE fornication. Surely 2 witnesses would have to see them ''at it''!

  • badboy

    If they took someone out of a house by force,would that be kidnapping?

  • zagor

    Well they’ve always said they are in "relative subjection" to higher authorities, i.e. when it suits them, or when their twisted logic deems it necessary they take law in their own hands.

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