anyone here ever go on a cruise with a large group of JW's?

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  • AlmostAtheist

    Gina and I went to Cancun, Mexico with a bunch of Witnesses. We mostly did our own thing, Gina and I, but we all took a trimaran day trip together. We still have pictures of one of the ministerial servants looking really drunk. And our PO (who is now a Circuit Overseer) was having a drinking contest with one of the ship's crew. (The crewman won!)

    We all let our hair down that week. Gina and I went to a little bar behind the Hard Rock Cafe. We bought drinks for the band, so they sat at our table during their break, which was interesting since they spoke almost no English and we spoke even less Spanish. While Gina was away from the table, I managed to convey -- or rather, thought I had managed to -- that it would be great if they would wave at her from the stage, acknowledge her in some way.

    Gina returned, they started playing, then started waving to her. And started motioning to her. They were inviting her on stage! She wound up playing the drums during a song or two. It was so fun watching her, she was in 7th heaven. (No pictures unfortunately, but the ones in my head are incredible!)

    I don't remember ever consuming that much alcohol in my entire life. (Of course, I probably wouldn't remember it, so...)


  • Saoirse

    I can't imagine anything more horrific than cruising with a bunch of witnesses.

    I just found this picture of some JWs from my old congregation on a cruise. I love how absolutely miserable some of them look.

  • ColdRedRain

    It's a helluva lot better than going on a cruise with a large group of Minnesota Vikings. There's less risk of an STD.

  • joelbear

    yikes, they look like they are ready for field service.

  • undercover

    About the picture of the JW cruisers; I think I've been on that ship before...I remember that mural on the dining room wall. Don't remember the ship name though.

    I've been on cruises with other JWs but not in big groups. We went with other couples. One time was fun because the other couple was loose and fun. The other couple we went wiht were nice enough and we enjoyed dinner with them, but they were pretty straight-laced. During the day we were off having fun and they were looking for a buffett somewhere.

    I've had friends that went on the big group cruises though. They didn't brag too much about it. We had lots of counsel on "not" going on those cruises. One elder in our hall was leading the way in recruiting people to go on one when we had the special school for MSs and elders. They had a part on large gatherings and they specifically mentioned skating parties and large vacation groups especially groups going on cruises. My elder buddy slid way down in his seat and tried to be as inconspicous as possible the rest of the day. The cruise recruiting was quietly dropped and no one in our hall went.

  • kristyann

    Wait, a bunch of JWs went on a CRUISE? Really? That's so hard for me to believe! (I mean, I believe you, it just doesn't seem like JWs like to have any sort of fun - although a cruise isn't really up my alley, anyway, but most people would probably consider it fun). Did they pass out the literature on the cruise? Did they "witness" to people? Why did they go? Just for the FUN of it, or was there some Watchtower-type purpose?

  • Saoirse
    Just for the FUN of it, or was there some Watchtower-type purpose?

    In Florida cruising seems to be popular among JWs because we aren't far from the ports. In Maryland, the popular thing was to get a big group together to go skiing. It just depends on the area you live in.

    I've never cruised with JWs but my in-laws have several times. They just do it for fun, just like any other vacation. But I'm sure they leave magazines for the maid and wouldn't hesitate to preach if the opportunity arose.


    I've been on several cruises with a huge group of Witnesses...actually had a great time. Everyone signed up for different activities each day, snorkeling trips, excursions, etc. We went to most of the shows on board and quite a few would go dancing afterwards. As usual, there would always be a few that would drink too much, but it was never made an issue back at the KH. Some elder would just quietly talk to them about it and that was it 'til the next time!!! I think it's more fun to go on a cruise with a group of people that you know...otherwise I get a little bored!


  • stillajwexelder

    NO -Thank f--k

  • misspeaches

    Can't say I have... But some of your replies brought up memories.

    We had a comedy dinner show come to town once. Its where you sit down for dinner and these people get up and do a comedy show and include people in the audience. Anyway mum thought it would be brilliant fun for the family so off we went.

    Unfortunately mum's sense of humour was not compatible with the performers. Sex jokes were all the go. So in the middle of dinner mum decides that we are getting up and leaving. Too bad we were sitting right up the front too. I was so embarrassed as mum announced loudly enough how disgusting these people all were and no decent person would find that entertaining... eerk. So out we were marched. Sitting at the end of our table was a couple. The husband came running out after us and wanted to know why we were leaving. Mum gave him this saga about lack of morals blah blah blah.

    A few days later in the local paper there was a restaurant review and as a special they were reviewing this show. Turns out that the guy who came out after us was the critic himself. He mentioned what a great show it was except for one woman who took the moral high ground and made her family leave in the middle of dinner.


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