Did you know of any JW elders or JW pioneers that were "racist"?

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  • pratt1

    I believe that there are some racist dubs jut as there are racit non dub. The dub are jut a reflection of our society.

    I will state this point.

    As a black man in corporate America, I have always seen two things go hand in hand. If a person is a sexist, than they are a racist a well.

    Therefore, when you think about it, is there an organization more sexist than the dubs, I think NOT. Therefore racism in dubdom, does not surprise me.

  • Dimples

    A spanish sister who went to the same hall that I did was upset after a meeting. I asked her why she was upset and she said that her teenage son overheard 2 elders talking and one made a racist comment. She said that one elder asked the other elder if he was going home to watch the basketball game and the other one said, no, i'll pass, that's just a little bit to much color for me.


  • Praetorian101

    I came across underlined tones of it. I came across it, in a little click (by click I mean - the little groups who seem to stick together within the congregation and form they own bizarre options about the whole world of JW's - and we all know THEY exist) within one Kingdom Hall in Queensland. I was shocked sometimes to hear one of the elder sisters of a Ministrial Servant talking about her sons wife as a 'slope eye.' The woman she was refering to was Chinese and she didnt like her daughter in law too much - probably because they kept right away from the old fogey. This sister also squirmed when her own (widowed) mother - who was also in the truth - talked about getting an nice 'black boy' for a husband. And I would like to know why there seems to be no representatives of other ethic backgrounds - who make up the majority of JWs not respented in the Governing Body? I mean can you imagine the Governing body as all black or all asian or even half? Hmm that will be the day. Obviously it seems only Europeans are good enough for that job? Right? Humbug!

  • TallTexan
    I spent a few years as well on the Texas-Mexico border. The relationship between the "English" and "Spanish" congregations is curious. Both groups tend to do their own thing, despite worshipping the same god.

    Interesting. Not to argue with you by any means, but I grew up in South Texas also and don't have quite the same viewpoint. The area I lived in had a number of small towns with usually just one English and in some, one Spanish congregation. As a rule, the Spanish cong's were much warmer and more loving than the English, and in most cases, they mixed quite well. I remember playing softball routinely in one town and there were bros/sis from both cong's playing and they knew each other well. I guess because of this there were a large number of interracial marriages between Hispanic and whites with no interference or really even a second thought from the elders or anyone else in the cong.

    I know of a cong in north Texas that I went to with a friend of mine and I was surprised because all the blacks sat in the back of the hall and the whites in the front. I asked him about it and he said it was weird when he first moved there, but that it had become 'normal' after a while.

    An elderly sister that used to ride to the meetings w/ us used the 'n' word all the time, but it seemed to be a substitute for using the word 'black'. Like she would say "The 'n' - man across the street came over to help me with my truck today." It wasn't like she was trying to be offensive or had anything against black folks, but I guess she just grew up in a time when it was accepted to say things like that.

    I guess overall I don't believe that the Witnesses as a whole are racist. I witnessed very few incidents of racial problems during my time in the 'truth'.

  • Beep,Beep

    Are there Witnesses that are racists? Most likely. Is there a large number of Witnesses that are racists? Not in my experience.

    Disfellowshipped for being racist, tough call would not be in keeping with "Loving your neighbor." I could see being talked to about it though.

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