How much do you pay for your internet service?

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  • brinjen

    About $40 a month also. Pay $30 a month for the landline as well in order to get the ADSL internet connection. When the NBN is rolled out to my area (supposed to be in a couple of months) I'll be able to ditch the landline and get the internet for around the same dollars as I do currently. With a 25Mb connection.

  • Scott77

    Att $25 a month high speed DSL

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    ATT DSL $25.00

  • Badfish

    Not sure how much just the Internet is in mine. I have a bundle that includes the phone, Internet and TV for around $150 a month. The Internet speed is 50 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up, which I'm satisfied with for now.

    Wish they had Google Fiber here though. It's 1 gigabit down / 1 gigbit up with a dedicated line to your house. Super fast!

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