5 minute guide to knowing if Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth

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  • toreador

    I had thought they changed the name of that book to save face or was it the name of a talk that was something like Millions now living MAY never die?

  • reaper

    Yes in modern Watchtowers, they have sometimes slyly inserted MAY instead of WILL. They are so crafty, they think people don't notice. But some of us did, and realised what deceivers they are.

  • TallTexan
    It parallels very well with the philosophical question posed in the movie The Matrix when Morpheus says to Neo:

    I was watching The Matrix the other night and thought Hey, it's just like leaving the WTS. While you're in the Matrix, it's normal. When you're ready and are shown the truth, you realize the reality of the lie you were living.

  • TallTexan

    Dude, that's awesome work.

    We're not worthy, we're not worthy.....lol.

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