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  • IronClaw

    Welcome KW, My wife still brings home all the latest issues as she still attends all meetings. I read them to see if anything strange is going on. I am starting to keep every issue, since I don't trust the bound volumes or the Cdrom to be accurate, seeing how they have a way of changing what was originally printed. I used to have every issue of the WT & AW from 1966, then through them all away since I had the bound volumes, What did I know???

  • garybuss

    I've read sooooooo much more Watch Tower Corporation produced literature AFTER I quit associating. I had never read the Russell and Rutherford literature when I was a practicing Witness. Why would I? I barely got magazines read when I was a Witness.
    AFTER I started researching the Witness movement in 1992, I read all the current literature until they cancelled my subscriptions. I'm a pretty aggressive reader. I've read a book and a half a day for many days before internet days. That's how winter is spent in the frozen north.
    I had a lot of catching up to do.

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