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  • KW13

    Recovering from being a JW is HARD as hell, all your structure and life is built on study, ministry and meetings.

    Leaving is like someone after stacking up boxes to make steps, pulling the bottom box away...but the people who make it through become strong people and rebuild their lives, make new friends and move on.

    What i want to ask is could you read literature by/for JW's now you have left?

    I think yes, my reason being is i know that they play with information and then change ideas, there is evidence of this in older literature.

    As for current literature i wouldn't bury my head, yes i don't agree with what they say but i am not afraid to point out things.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I read their stuff sometimes. Blondie shows us every week how to read the WTS study articles with a critical mind turned to the ON position.

    I can't just read it with the WTS mindset anymore. I see between the words to what it is really saying. I actually enjoy doing it too.

  • KW13

    Thats really good, i don't like how they hide the watchtower behind the awake!.

    i used to do that when i was a JW, at some point i must of been told

  • onesong

    Someone gave me a recent Watchtower and I truly got a little queezy reading it. It's disturbing to see just how easily it is to fall under the spell.

  • diamondblue1974

    Welcome KW... I havent had the opportunity to welcome you previously so I thought I would do so now.

    Recovering from being a JW is a gradual process and a difficult one at that; I agree with Lady Lee in that reading literature now with a critical eye is certainly different; you start to see the obvious circular reasonings and above all the condescending way in which it is written.

    Personally I cant bear to read them as it reminds me too much how vulnerable I was to their mind control tactics.


  • Bryan

    I have no problem reading jw stuff when it is for my own research into their own insanity.


  • JustMeNC

    My boys are still subject to yearly visits at the grandparents & uncles houses so they see and bring home some of the magazines & books, which is fine, they know its THEIR choice to lead that life or not too (thankfully they don't want to!). I've always liked in the Awake the little news quips on the back few pages and IF a JW stops by I have my boys answer the door and ask just for the Awake.

  • delilah
    Hi KW... My mother will bring us the magazines and whatever new releases they got at the summer assembly, and I'll look through them before my husband files them under "G"....he does, however read them if something catches his attention, but he will not let on.
  • Ellie

    I havn't actually tried, I don't think I should just yet, it might set me back a bit as I'm still quite brainwashed.

  • KW13

    Some honest answers!

    Ellie - its kinda like the matrix with JW's, you can't believe the worlds not real that you so firmly trusted, your not strange or anything

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