What if God was actually just an alien encounter in history?

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  • skyman
    Archaeology does not support an advanced human civilisation going back 100000 the Sumerian mesopotamian one flourished from around 4000 BC.

    How about this NASA Images Find 1,750,000 Year Old Man-Made Bridge here is a link http://www.lankalibrary.com/geo/ancient/nasa.htm and another link http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v13/__show_article/_a000013-000054.htm and another link http://gvnr.com/54/2.htm

  • skyman

    If you want I can go on and show many other scientifically Provened articles that show smart advanced people have lived for 100,000 of thousands of years. The only reason we do not know more about them is becasue People don't what you to THINK OUT OF THE BOX because uniformed people are easier to control. To have people here millions of years ago would prove the bible wrong and all the known religions of the world we can't have that can we. I have found that no amount the facts can prove the faithful wrong. Why becasue they have closed their mind to the possiblity's around them it is a narrow place to be.

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    This is a great topic!

    Since joining this site and hearing some of the alternate views on religion/spirituality/occult etc. I personally have abandoned ALL religious beliefs, however, I still believe in God and in eternity (as in, this brief life is not there is). Religious beliefs are so confining. Looking back I feel more and more that the Bible was written by men, for men, to control men. It's just so contradictory and depressing, even about the diety himself. As far as aliens/alien influence & civilizations I don't know, haven't a clue really, but still, I suspect there have been civilizations in the past far more advanced than we've been taught to believe. And there is a real possibility that there is 'intelligent' life on other planets, if not, then why do they exist? To believe that this is the only inhabited planet in the universe is the epitomy of arrogance. Yet people in this 21st Century actually feel that we are enlightened ... we are so in the dark as evidenced by the constant conflict on our planet. Just can't seem to get it together.

    I think it's tragic that our world is so small in our own minds. That people would put faith in one book to answer all of life's questions and instruct them in life's purpose. The universe is quite ancient and extremely immense. It should be our teacher. We should spend more time asking questions in stillness while listening for the answer. We need to spend more time asking questions in the presence of others to get them to think too - we just don't appreciate how powerful our minds are - we're limited by our own perception.

    Thanks for the links Skyman - interesting stuff. And I didn't have to believe it to enjoy reading about it . It's just information ... very interesting information I might add, it may be true, it may not (I don't always listen to the experts (in any field), you never know what motivates or influences people to say the things they do).

    sweet tee

    PS - We've been so programmed to believe this is the only inhabited planet - could it be that there's a government conspiracy to hide the fact that other humans have been here? Would it send the world into a panic knowing the truth?

  • willyloman

    An English writer, Graham Hancock, has a series of books that explore these and similar topics. Heaven's Mirror comes pretty close to examing what's being discussed here. Others explore ancient civilizations and purports to examine evidence that they existed. Google him to see his website, read about his books on Amazon.

  • Elsewhere

    When it comes to the question of whether "god" was an encounter with an alien I'm far more inclined to believe that "god" was an encounter with pot.

  • DannyBloem

    There have been a lot of books on this topic.
    They look at such things as the pyramids, the bible, the nazca lines etc.

    Does not seem very logic that the aliens came during many times in history, and now not any more, and not showing themselves now. Not leaving any evidence behind.

    Also we are genetic so close to other species here, that it is not likely that there was any mix of alien dna or something

    Maybe they were here 2 miljard years ago, and left a few bacteria by accident. Those bacteria did well, and evolved in us


  • willyloman

    I read Hancock's book on his search to find Noah's Ark (he says it's in Ethiopia under lock and key in a church). It was a fascinating account of a guy discovering old mysteries and following leads across the globe in search of.... His conclusion was weak, but I guess he had to end up with something to show for his efforts.

    However, this book and others (he sort of outined Dan Brown's da Vinci code concept a decade ahead of the best seller) are filled with fascinating accounts that suggest that man is much older than many people suggest -- and certainly way older than the WTS teaches.

    I' m relying on old memory here, but as I recall a central tenet of his work is that mankind has faced a series of natural disasters in the past and the survivors have emerged to create a new society, basically having to start over but endowed with at least the memory of human advancements that came before. He says many of the mysterious artifacts left behind (pyramids, stone carvings that can only be seen from the air, etc.) were constructed to warn future generations of impending doom, as well as to remind them of what went before. If that's the case, most people haven't gotten the message.

  • Satanus

    Graham hancock is a wishful thinker. He isn't a solid researcher, by any means. He is a smart guy who figured out how to get his trips paid for.


  • skyman

    Nasa say's the land bridge is a haox. http://www.punjabilok.com/science/nasa_debunks.htm

    I have not found any site saying the Map of God is a hoax but one must be a skeptic until it is out in the open media more.

  • free2beme

    Glad to see others have an open mind on this subject too. It does always amaze me how often people will laugh at aliens, but will accept and teach about angels. What is the difference? Religion!

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