What was your first Apostasy?

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  • Forscher

    When I watched a pregant rape victim shunned. I just couldn't believe that real followers of Christ could do that. So I started having a closer look at the organization's teachings. There was plenty there I couldn't agree with.

  • stillAwitness
    I remember thinking as a kid "Why if we were created to be perfect and not get sick, would god make us with such complex immune systems?"

    WoW avishai! Brains and body.

  • stillAwitness

    What a good question!

    Oh I remember! I was 17, had to do an essay on rape victims or something along those lines and I typed in "rape" in the search box and silentlambs.org. was one of the search results. Unaware of course I clicked on it and from then on...

    Things would never be the same after that.

  • glitter

    I remember being around 7 and looking around the hall during the meeting and just thinking "I can't believe all these people believe in Jehovah like I do" - I just couldn't comprehend it, it was as if we were just coincidentally all in the same room.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    ya, thought crime for sure.

    when i was 14 i started reading about the brain/mind relationship for a project i was working on in school. and i remember wondering:

    how does jehovah record all of our experiences, emotions and thoughts before we die, so that when we are ressurected he can restore them? and if he doesn't, then how can it be a true ressurection? and also, if unused memories are over-written, then what memories did jehovah choose to restore?

    seriously, i thought this stuff. but i never ran it by the elders because i really didn't expect them to know. i always assumed that if i had never seen anything on the subject in a publication, that the elders would not comment on it anyways.

    but now that i think of it, i guess those questions still apply to people who believe that after they die, there is heaven or hell waiting for them. how does jesus transfer physical neurological data into "the spirit realm"?


  • greendawn

    It was the lack of any real brotherly love that got me thinking, that didn't seem right at all given that love is the central theme in the bible that the JWs so much like to refer to. It even says it explicitly whatever else you do if you don't have love you are nothing.

    The elders said, "oh well the brothers don't harm each other like worldly people do", but that's half the correct measure. I was thinking why don't they just de emphasize preaching and get on with some in depth christian character development.

    Only later did I realise that the leaders of this org are not interested in that because it doesn't suit their purposes. It wouldn't take long for the R&F to realise that the leaders are not fit characterwise.

  • geevee

    Mine first came after all the changes, i.e Generation, Judging of Sheep/Goats, etc. The scripture in Matthew 13:47-50 about the KIngdom of Heaven being like a dragnet. So I wondered about the explanation, as there had been quite a description in an WT mag and DC talk some years earlier. It was all neat and packaged, but now with all this "new light" the whole explanation of this illustration is totally cocked up.

    Nothing makes any sense.

    So I asked some family about what they thought. I explained it all and hightlighted the inconsistencies in the new light as related to the WT explanation. Well you'd a thought that I had two heads. They were quite scared that I had "run ahead" of the FnDS, and was now on the edge. I asked a few others about it, all claiming to understand, but no one being comfortable to listen to where this was going.

    I know, I'll ask the CO, he'll know, wow!! did he get cut. He didnt have time to be discussing these kinds of questionings.

    So I know, I will continue to support the brothers of Christ, not get into a twist about it.....what a dummy. Should've persisted then.

    Took all the pedophile stuff to finally jolt me out of my BRAINLOCK, as well as heaps of sh*t that went down over time.


    I'd have to say initially it was the lack of individuals displaying a true christian attitude (the one that Jesus displayed in the scriptures) that first got me disgusted with many JWs as individuals but the defining moment was that Dateline in 2002 of the pedophile scandal.

    That completely disgusted me and being a father myself and sadly an elder I vowed to report any case of child abuse myself to the police if I ever came across it.. a few months later I reasoned that if they allowed that to happen then other stuff might be off so I went on google, searched Jehovah's Witnesses and here I am completely mentally out.

  • diamondblue1974

    My first apostacy as far as I can remember was mixed in that I expressed a view to my then parents in law about JWs stance on education and their child protection policies.

    I remember also asking questions about child abuse issues with an elder and being told because I didnt accept their bullshit that I was asking apostate questions...I had had no prior contact with apostates and as such I was shocked at their approach. I thought they were hiding things and avoiding the subject so instead of being bullied into submission I decided to look further into these issues and found a whole lot more.


  • damselfly

    At age 4 my cousin and I decided that God really didn't listen to us pray ( or watch over us for that matter ) so what was the point of it all really? We were smart enough to keep this to ourselves.


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