What was your first Apostasy?

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  • Dune

    I'm re-reading 1984 and the similarities between the WTBS and the "party" astound me, but anyway, it made me think of the time when i started to get doubts (ThoughtCrime).

    I remember once at this book study a sister commented about the 1914 and was reciting it's historical accuracy. Anyway, she went on to mention that the demons were probably learning everything about biblical prophecies from the WTBS. I was 13 at the time but the comment made me cringe, i was thinking "Why would superior beings need humans to interpret the bible for them?"

    Anyway, this gave way to the questioning of other beliefs. Like the whole thing about how people wont have genitals in the paradise or all the other little doctrines that arent mentioned but are implied.

    So anyway, what was your first apostasy?

  • avishai

    I remember thinking as a kid "Why if we were created to be perfect and not get sick, would god make us with such complex immune systems?" When I asked an elder he basically told me to shut up.

  • BizzyBee

    Doesn't it all start with thoughtcrime? That's why it is so important in brainwashing to get you to censor your own thoughts.

    I was about 16 and was going to do a thorough study with cross-references, secular material and all, not because I had doubts, but I wanted to be fully equipped "making sure of all things."

    I ordered a huge bible encyclopedia at the KH - musta cost me $15! I started out and pretty soon got tangled up in the 607 fall of Jerusalem descrepancy. I went to one of the brothers for further guidance and was told "Remember, that is a secular publication - you can't trust it when it disagrees with the literature." I lost interest in studying on my own any further - why bother? $15 bucks down the drain! But a seed was planted.

    My first apostasy was probably closing down my mind (thought crime) when Babylon the Great Has Fallen, God's Kingdom Rules was chosen as the book study publication. Just could not swallow it - things started to unravel rapidly from there.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    My first question, the one that got me going, hmm... I can't quite remember. Back in 2000 right after I got baptized I remember going through a few periods where I got frustrated and started to question, simply because of the people in the hall and their generalizations. Then one day...

    As I was searching the internet for more info on 607, which I thought was a pretty solid date in history I was blown away to seen nothing but sites talking about the JWs. I assumed I was simply going to come across some generic info on the date, not all of this other stuff. Within a year I had begun to question everything.

  • Mastodon

    Mine was probably telling my ex-best friend that I couldn't grasp the concept of Holy Spirit-directed appointments when himself and his father never met the biblical cualifications to be MS or Elder and yet were appoined and still they were doing things that most 'worldly people' wouldn't do.

  • acadian

    Joining the WTBTS

  • stillajwexelder

    Reading C of C

  • acadian

    and then I openned my eyes and got out...WHEW !

  • jessthebull

    people wont have genitals in the new system..


    Good god, just aswel I'll be destroyed along with the rest of the world when A comes

    My first act of apostasy had selfish motives, I wanted to celebrate birthdays and said that if jesus could celebrate his (singing angles, gifts etc..) then it cant be that bad, surely?

  • undercover
    "Why if we were created to be perfect and not get sick, would god make us with such complex immune systems?"

    That's a pretty damn good question.

    I remember having doubts as far back as a youngster, but I guess my first real Thoughtcrime would have to be right after the change in "generation" happened. No matter how many time and ways it was spun, it just didn't make sense. I tried to put it out of mind and not dwell on it, but it wouldn't go away.

    Then later, during a COs visit when he was giving us down the road for not being active enough in the ministry, he made this comment (paraphrased, but pretty close), "If you're not doing all you possible can in God's service, it's waste of time. God expects our very best and if we're not giving it to him, why bother?" And I thought, "ya know, he's right". So I stopped bothering. I gave up and I started to give thought to and to research all the doubts I had had for years. I guess that would be the defining moment of when I went apostate.

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