Any Active JW's here!

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  • AlmostAtheist
  • TheListener

    I'm a dub


    Served while I didn't believe

  • sherrid

    CAN SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME AS TO ALL OF YOUR LITTLE ABBREVIATIONS??? Some of them i get, of course, but not all of them.............

    Thanks, and PRAY FOR ME; PLEASE!!! My life is still in a shambles and i need all the help i can get, and if the "congregation" can't pray for me, can i at least ask you folks to??? I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP, and like i said; i'm not getting it from the FIRST place i thought i could run to and get ALL the help i need, so i'm asking you to PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!! (Bible says we should Pray for one another!!)

    Sherri D. (For pictures of me and Freddie, go to [email protected] and i will forward them to you!!)

  • Erich


    PMC how to spell easy words correctly whilst he has no trouble spelling big words. Erich had the same problem.

    This will NEVER happen again. Be SURE. Absolutely! This board is a taboo place for me in future.


  • RichieRich

    Right here.

    I give talks, go out in service, mow your grandmother's grass.

    I was here when I was put on reproof, and here when I recieved my privileges back. Through several crises with elders, several relationships, several life changing moments.

    And they don't even know.

  • lookingfortruth2

    Even though I'm a witness I am ever more convinced that they DO NOT have the truth. The love of Jesus is so much more compelling which is exactly what Jehovah wanted to achieve when he sent his Son.

    For those of us who are still in and haven't had the courage to leave yet we must realize that we are not committing a sin. One day we will find true freedom but in the meantime there are subtle ways to help others realize that this is not the truth. Have a gathering and discuss the Daniel book for starters. There are tons of ridiculous statements made in that book!

    e.g. The 2300 days prophecy explanantion on pages 178 & 179. How could that prophecy possible relate to articles in the June 15th 1938 and Oct 15th 1944 Watchtowers??!! The book literally says that this prophecy began and ended with these 2 articles! The absolute nerve! I really and truly wonder how God feels on this matter. I personally consider it blasphemous.

    Being in is one thing, but being in and absolutley still believing this hogwash is truly an entirely different matter. True light will get brighter and brighter and it is so apparent in the recent magazines and books that are being published - because they reflect no light, the recent cases and trials and websites like this one. The WTBS is becoming openly EXPOSED!

    My solution for the believers of the WTBS: Pray about it, with all of your heart and soul!

  • shadow

    Yes, about the same situation that Hidden Questioner described.

    Elder until a few months ago.

    Avoided serving on committees after deciding that I could not give full support to the judicial process.

  • jaffacake

    Hey Sherrid - what's up. Can we help in any other ways as well as our prayers? Couldn't see any pics.


  • serendipity

    Hi Trojan, welcome to the forum!

  • integ

    Yes. My name is Nancy Nelson from Rockford, Illinois. I enjoy knitting dog sweaters, riding around on a motorized cart, and lying about people.

    Have a nice day,


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