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  • Blueblades

    How about this one: "It is not wise for a missionary to adopt the attitude that when he has reached the 150 hours for a month his missionary obligations are fulfiiled and he may sit back and engage in other pursuits....It should be possible to reach and surpass the 150 hours".

    There it is, it is never enough, do more, do more ,do more.


  • YoursChelbie

    If you ever need funds to keep it going, send us all a PM. I'd be more than happy to send a well-deserved contribution by Paypal or some other means. I appreciate very much your work in exposing the truth about the Watchtower. Great job!


  • DannyHaszard
    DannyHaszard New site for WATCHTOWER QUOTES

    Surfing in from Bangor Maine with HS broadband is as fast as the old or JWD for that matter

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