I went to church yesterday...

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  • Honesty
    I highly recommend that every exJW go to a few religious services, if for no other reason than to exorcise the psychological demons the WTS placed in their heads.

    After I escaped from the WT it took about 20 minutes in church for me to realise I was seeing worship that is undefiled and in agreement with the Bible.

    I went yesterday, too. Our pastor commented on Acts 1:12-14 and how Jesus' followers positioned themselves to realise God's purpose by their simple obedience to his command to stay in Jerusalem (Acts 1:4) after he went back to heaven. He went into great detail about the decisions and difficulty His disciples faced by obeying Him. He also emphasized the importance of prayer in the early church and that we were sitting in church on January 8, 2006 because some faithful men and women were praying in Jerusalem while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit to be poured out upon them.

    It's so sad that the Jehovah's Witnesses can not teach from God's Word in their kingdom halls.

  • anewme

    I too was invited to my new MIL's church The Free Methodist Church. My new husband and I went and sat down in a modest auditorium when a screen came down and music began and a professional video began.

    How surprised I was when the first big bold words on the film were


    It continued on to portray different individuals today seeking God in their lives.

    It was very beautiful and I'm glad I went. The people were very friendly and invited us back.

    We did go back for a Thanksgiving Sunday Sermon and Brunch.

    It is nice to be able to attend when you want to.

    The pastor made a meager attempt to corral us into a Bible Group in our area, but when we said we were not interested, he desisted smiling.

    Funny, I was impressed by the opening words of the video, but during the sermon my husband and I caught him refering to Jesus as God too.
    My husband knows little of the Bible, but he caught that confusion.

    But all in all its hard to dismiss all the love and effort there and it felt very healthy to
    associate with such nice people.

  • Chasity1

    I have attended several different churches and I finally found one that I really like. One of the things that impressed me the most was the charity work they did for the community. You did not have to be a member of their church to benefit. I also noticed in the churches I attended was that the preachers only taught from the Bible unlike the WT. It's also a breath of fresh air to be able to attend different churches and not be DA'd.

  • NYCkid

    This reminds me of my first church experience as a former JW. It has to be about four or five years ago. For over a year, I debated with myself whether to go to the Episcopal Church around the block from where I live. It seemed inviting for various reasons. Finally one Sunday morning I gathered the courage, got dressed up in a suit, took my NWT, the one my parents gave me when I was baptized and went. My partner still laughs at me when I came home disappointed, because not once I was invited to open my Bible (they have "programs" that follow a theme each Sunday and include many Bible verses for the day in the program). I also was a bit turned off at first by the openness there since it was gay friendly Church, and one gay guy got up to make announcements about their movie watching club and with a lisp he said the movies coming up were with Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift and James Dean, I thought to myself, "Mary, sit down" Well I went back a few weeks later and now go periodically. I even volunteered to mow the lawn for a month this past summer. I don't feel guilty when I don't go; I go when I need and want to. People are friendly and don't pressure me to come every week. Believe it or not, I've learned more about the Bible in the times I've gone that all my years as a JW. I enjoy the sermons, hymns and choir and the Easter and Christmas services are amazing. I also join my partner at the Greek Orthodox Church occasionally which is equally beautiful and enlightening.

    I really enjoy the formality and rituals and even cross myself since I believe that is giving proper reverence. One Easter I was moved enough to take communion (later I felt guilty and spoke to the pastor but he told me I was fine since I was baptized). I have to say the Easter services are very moving and inspiring...a far cry from the memorial services. By the way, the JW Memorial is what I attribute to my personal catalyst. It was one of my last few I attended and I was all stressed because I had to take care of the songs and we had a Bethel representative so I wanted it to be perfect. I was a Ministerial Servant. I bought a new tie and shirt because I couldn't afford a new suit back then. I also was an usher (forget what the JWs called it) and had organized the hall cleaning prior to the Memorial. Since the hall was over-packed I stood in the back and while I was standing there listening to exactly the same talk that I heard for 20 years or so before, I thought to myself, "what does this all mean?" "Jesus death has no meaning to me anymore?" "I don't feel like I belong here." It may seem like nothing, but for me, it was kind of shocking, I couldn't believe I was having those thoughts.

    Although now I consider myself Agnostic and a Humanist, I still enjoy Jesus' teachings and the Church services. It's great to be able to explore my spirituality and belief system on my terms while keeping an open mind about non-Christian beliefs.



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