Disfellowshipped Numbers ?

by Clam 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Honesty
    If you took the total number of kingdom halls and then came up with say one DF per hall per year, do you think that sounds about right?

    I escaped from a congregation in a small town. Out of approximately 85 publishers 3 of us left for various reasons in 2005..

  • jwfacts

    Good point Steve,

    i was talking to a d/f person and he said that the elders told him it was ok for him to associate with worldly people but not d/f people if he was wanting to get reinstated. As i am inactive he said it was ok to speak to me, but he would stop if i got d/f. Go figure! A religion that is based on law not principle, a total contradiction to the message Jesus preached.

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