Society membership in one of the Worlds largest Political Party's

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  • skyman

    Armenian national committee of America the Society, the Society is a member here is a link after you click on the linl scroll down for contacts and you will see the Watchtower.

    I do not see anything wrong with this personally, but if I was a witness I would. It is a hypocrotical stand to be part of this organization if you notice on the left side of page its say register to vote, so click on Resource Center and then ANCA Position Papers your eyes will bulge out here is the link

  • skyman

    Forgot to point out look at the date towards the topof the page. So you know it is current information.

  • AuldSoul

    Okay...before this goes further, where does it say they are members? I can't find that anywhere. I see where they are listed as a contact on ONE issue, dealing with the Holocaust. How does that qualify them as a member?

    Where did you look to find out they are members, skyman?


  • skyman

    In 2003 the Society was the Key note speaker for the international convention for the Armenian national committee The thread was post here on JWD. If anyone still had a link to that information please post it.

  • skyman

    James Pellechia of Watchtower Public Affairs Dept. listed as a supporter and donor to the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Jan. 1, 2001, and Dec. 31, 2001. Contact SPJ at 317/927-8000 to become a member of the 2002 President’s Club This was in 2001 but at that date they were still NGO's and had a great deal of ties with this organization so I was surprised to see that they are still listed in contacts at this late date. Very interesting

  • FairMind

    Is being a contact the same as being a member? I don't think so.

  • PMJ

    yet again looking for anything to hold on to that could put the wts in bad light.

  • stillajwexelder

    It is not being 100% neutral whichever way one looks at it H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y

  • Woodsman

    There is a bunch of involvement with political organizations related to the Holocaust. There is a lot of documentation available on other sites. Members of the WTS often give talks and help organize Holocaust Remembrance Day. Some have pointed out that since these organizations help victims of the Holocaust recieve financial reimbursements for the Holocaust the WTS is involved. Time will tell. It is very political activity though and that cannot be denied.

  • Poztate
    yet again looking for anything to hold on to that could put the wts in bad light.

    Right you are and we are succeeding.....A LOT.....

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