Beth Sarim Deed Copies Have Been Mailed Today !!

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  • lime05

    Hi, It support i just get this:

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    File Hosting, share yours today Where is the actual file?

  • VM44

    I was able to download it.

    Robert J. Martin who sold the property to Rutherford for only $10, resided in Brooklyn!

    He was a manager at Bethel, and was the person sent to San Diego to have the house built!

    That he held title to the property and signed it over to Rutherford sounds like some sort of money laundering scheme, to hide where the money actually came from.

    Robert J. Martin did not have the funds himself to build Beth-Sarim! He was a Bethel worker!

    Also, if the deed transferred ownership to Rutherford, with the provision that after he died the deed would go to The Watchtower, wouldn't that make Beth-Sarim Rutherford's personal property?

    That being so, did Rutherford ever pay any property tax to the county of San Diego?

    Somehow, I have the impression that he did not.


  • rebel8

    I can't see a link either.

  • Rabbit

    The deed seemed to say it had to remain in the Watchtowers hands -- forever or at least until the resurrection of Abraham, Inc. & company.

    I thought I remember that they sold the property -- am I correct ?

    How'd they get out of that contract ?

    Oh, yeah...I forgot -- we're talking about the WTBTS. "Contracts...just peices of paper. We've got l a w y e r s..."


  • IT Support
    IT Support
    If anyone's interested, I've posted the deeds here , where they can be downloaded. It's a 0.18 Mb PDF file.

    The word 'here' has the link. Sorry for making it too obscure.

    Here it is in a more legible format:

    Hope this helps!

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Where is the actual file?

    Congratulations--you passed the first part of the test (you found the link), but failed the second (to download the file)!

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