144000....DO THE NUMBERS ADD UP?????

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  • willyloman

    earnest: thanks for the citation. That's the one. It disturbed me too, when I first read it a few years ago. I appreciate your highlighting the WT Weasel Words (may, might).

  • Terry

    To speak more fundamentally about this we have to look at the nature of the Master vs SLAVE mentality of people.

    People who surrender their rational mind and buy-in to mystical mumbo jumbo are passive and easily led. They will do the bidding of their guru master or religious leader without much question. Their sense of duty is what is important to them. They yield their identity and their energy to "cause".

    On the other hand, the Master mentality sees a good thing and exploits it. It is so easy to use people who are just begging to be used.

    The oldest of religions divide up into two distinct groups.

    1.Those who CLAIM to "know" some secrets of the universe.

    2.Those gullible enough to believe them.

    How does the scam work?

    1.The mystic claims special connections to a "higher power" and demands a ransom for "services" in the form of tithes, sacrifices, service, rituals and a lofty show of respect for their authority.

    2.The passive dupe obeys and pays the price for a ticket. The "services" provided are a placebo. If the dupe complains in any way he is made to feel like HE HAS FAILED to live up to the standards of the Mystic and his "Higher Power". Naturally, this turns into a game of "earn your way" into favor for the dupe.

    3.More and more demands are placed on the "worthless" dupe who is made more and more unworthy in his own mind.

    Ironically, there is a crazy logic at work here.

    A. I pay for the "higher power" to bless me/help me.

    B.I don't get what I pay for or pray for.

    C. Therefore I am obviously NOT WORTHY and I must try harder and pay more.

    (Note: It never occurs to the poor schmuck that the genuinely obvious answer is that there IS NO higher power connected to this awful ritual.)

    The Catholic Church quickly adopted the policy of laity and heirarchy and all of history is a sickening display of currying favor with the top eschelon of Popes, Cardinals and Bishops who wielded arbitray power.

    All subsequent "reform" religions imitate the excesses of Catholicism in their various attempts to do better.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses started very simply and innocently and have become a nauseating business which ABSOLUTELY HINGES on the difference in status between THE ANOINTED and the FAITHFUL and DISCREET SLAVE as well as the leftover dum-dums: the publishers and elders.

    This is an exhausting Byzantine game of mystical mumbo-jumbo still played to excess and only the most obtuse victim cannot see through it. But, the morons at the bottom don't know how to play any other game and cling to a strong superstition they may suffer destruction if they declare "foul!".

    We are the few who escaped from the madness.

    Now we warn the others.

    Not only do the 144,000 numbers not add up; the entire structure of two classes of devotees is malignant to individuality and the human spirit.

    Anybody who thinks he is God's darling for mysterious reasons he cannot even explain is neurotic. The fact this also entitles him to a superior existence as an invisible "king" and "judge" pushes him across the line from neurotic to mentall unbalanced and clueless.

    Following a group of mentally defective neurotics into their fairytale is not much of an adventure; especially when it requires that we give up what truly makes life worthwhile: bothering to LIVE it!

    Service to the anointed slave is really the worst sort of mind-numbing life waster. I pity the po' fool who buys into it and does not at least attempt to escape the asylum of Jehovah.


  • trevor

    144,000 Do the numbers add up?

    I think we can take that as a NO Terry!

    You have ironed out all the bumps and left a clear road ahead with your excellent post. Do you drive a steam roller?

  • Terry
    Do you drive a steam roller?

    No, I use braids and hairspray.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >>No, I use braids and hairspray.

    Hmmm... perhaps you should take.. THE TEST! http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/15/105304/1.ashx


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