May the Shunning Commence...........

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  • whyamihere

    The Shunning has begun.........

    I haven't talked with my mother who is less than 5 minutes from me, in almost a month. Not unusual though. Anyway, I went to my Dad's place during Christmas. I didn't tell them I was going, nor did I deny it when I was back.

    2 weeks ago....My self righteous sister came over unexpectedly, as I am used to her just showing up. I invited her in, and went about my business of cleaning, and cooking. We have had some run ins before. I told her, I was confused and I wasn't going to go to the meetings for her or my mother. I explained that it wouldn't be right if I went for them. So anyway, she sat around with her son, and my kids. Looking at all their new toys asking me where I got them. I told her who gave them to us. She became more and more quiet. Lily, then pointed to one toy and said.."Jack got that for Christmas" I was shocked, and I paused. Then, I was like you know what? I don't care. I didn't tell my sister a lie. I didn't say that Lily is mistaken. I didn't want to confuse my kids. I just didn't say anything but smiled.

    Well, she left quickly after that. She ran over to my Brothers house that very same day. Talked with my brother Ben (who he has stopped going to meeting and has 2 tattoos now, which I am still upset because I act like his mother). She told him he was a horrible person, and saying he should go to meetings....loving huh? Then, she said I am celebrating Christmas. He didn't say anything even though he knows I do, and loved his Christmas presents I got him. So then she asks him if he will celebrate Christmas when he has a Family...he said "Hell Yeah! and we are going to have a Tree, and Lights, and I am going to dress up as Santa" Now she is really pissed off! He calls me up and we laugh together.

    Well, I was supposed to watch my Nephew(her Son) today. Well I got an e-mail this morning, that was sent right before midnight last night ....saying I don't have to watch him and she made other arrangements. Nothing else! She doesn't call anymore, nor stop by. This is from the woman who calls me all day everyday.

    Am I sad? Yeah, a little! However, I think that I am emotionally ready for this now. I never thought I would be. It's like they never really cared about me, or wanted to have a close relationship with me anyway. I am a little relieved about it, because I am not hiding anymore.

    I am finally done. I can breathe. I have a long tough emotional roller coaster in front of me now, but I am ready. I really am.


  • Mum

    It's very sad to see how the WT breaks up families. I can understand that you must accept your sister's cruelty. It must be difficult, though, to be cut off from your nephew.

  • JH

    I'm sorry Brooke that you're being shunned.

    I had no family in the Org. so they werent able to shun me out of my family.

    We won't shun you here

  • Confession

    Good for you, Brooke. I think soon I'll be facing the same music. And I'm just about ready for it myself.

  • Jourles

    It kinda sucks at first when your family starts to shun you, but you get over it.

    Just think, you may be losing family up there in WI, but you're gaining new family everyday here!

  • rebel8

    You are better off without toxic relationships!

  • Legolas

    Congrats Brooke for standing up for yourself and now being able to breathe!

  • stillajwexelder

    Hugs to you Brooke - very brave of you - look at it this way - it is her loss - not yours

  • AlmostAtheist

    Sorry Brooke, and also proud of you for being true to yourself -- damn the torpedoes, and all that.

    You are better off without toxic relationships!


  • schne_belly

    Congrats Brooke!

    You are many many steps a head of me. I only wish someday I won't feel like I have to hide my true thoughts and feelings to my family.... mainly because I hope they join me someday. Wishful thinking I know.....

    I can imagine how good it must feel to be 100% honest..... way to go!

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