May the Shunning Commence...........

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  • magoo

    we don't even care if you celebrate Christmas !! no shunning here


  • prophecor

    I know you have the courage and conviction to make a stand against those, who in ignorance, mean you all the good in the world, though still in ignorance. My hear felt feelings go out to you and yours, Brooke in the trying moments to come. Art

  • prophecor
  • greendawn

    They brainwash them to consider the ex dubs as dead and especially the apostates, but they are the dead ones as far as enjoying life is concerned. The WTS leads them to nowhere, and not to any paradise.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It's not an easy road at times, is it?

    I agonized over losing my cousin/best friend. We have been close since teenagers, now more like 35 years best friends.

    But he 'shuns' me now and I have noticed that in the past few weeks I have gotten over it pretty well.

    Humans are pretty durable - we get on with it pretty well.

    I know you will too. There is a little pain at times, but the joy of Freedom is worth it in the long run.

    Keep on keeping on, Brooke.


  • bavman

    Good for you sister!

  • Narkissos

    Sorry to hear that (((((((((((Brooke))))))))))))

    Thinking about their children makes it all the more sad. On a more positive note, you are showing them one can step out from those silly rules -- which they probably won't forget.

  • whyamihere

    Thanks All...........

    It just breaks my heart. As I am a mother of 2 children ...I look at them, and there is nothing... not one damn thing that they could do to keep me from them. I don't care what it is on life that they do, but there is nothing that would keep me from them, and loving them. I was there when they came into the world, and that is where I am staying until my last day here.

    How could my mother do it?


  • LDH
    Well I got an e-mail this morning, that was sent right before midnight last night ....saying I don't have to watch him and she made other arrangements.


    This is classic bot-programming. They are attempting to punish you by cutting off contact with the child. Don't sweat it. Time passes. Children grow up, and grow curious.

    Congratulations on your new voice, and your brother too!


  • jschwehm

    Hi Brooke:

    I know it hurts.

    When I first left the JWs, my parents threatened me with shunning. They even lived up to it for a little while. However, over time they have lightened up on this significantly and they even call me from time to time. And, last year they even came and visited me.

    In any case, it could be that your sister and mother just had a knee jerk reaction due to the JW programming but over time her connection to you via blood and family ties will win out. I know that it does for many JWs. It just goes to show you how unnatural the shunning thing is for many people particularly over issues like buying Christmas gifts for your kids....

    I think you handled the situation very well and over time your sister and mother may recognize how silly they acted with all of this.

    You, your sister, and your mother are in my prayers,

    Jeff Schwehm

    From Sheboygan, WI

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