Do you have a biblical name?

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  • ferret

    Yes, middle name is John. I also have initials RJW

  • Balsam

    Ruth from Reuth and it means friend

  • Super_Becka

    Yup, sure do, and my family is full of Biblical names in general, as well as my friends.

    I'm Rebecca, my brothers are "John Matthew" (he goes by both names) and Jordan, my father is John, both of my grandfathers are/were John, my grandmother is Mary, my great-grandmother was Elizabeth, my uncles include Paul, a couple of John's, Soloman, Moses and Samuel, my cousins include Michael (his middle name is Andrew), several more John's (it's a popular name in my family), Noah, Thomas (his middle name is Jonathan), Joseph, Mark, Nathanial, Gabriel, Benjamin and David, just to name a few.

    And for friends, I know a Sarah, an Adam (his middle name is Josiah - his father is an Anglican minister), a Marcus, a Martha, a Joel, a couple of Jeremy's, a Jason, a Hiram, a Daniel, a Timothy, a Joshua, an Andrew, a Philip, a Rachel (she's actually pagan), a Stephen and an Aaron, among others.

    Yup, I'm pretty well surrounded by Biblical names, accidental or otherwise.

    -Becka :)

  • jessthebull

    Jessica, I suppose you could say that it's biblical being the femine form of jesse

    but any biblical ties would have been accidental, mum not becoming a witness till i was three

  • Soledad

    Yes. I was named after Moses' and Aaron's older sister.

    Easy to figure out huh?

    And when my younger brother was born of course I named him Moses!

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