denying that I was baptized seems to have worked!

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  • mkr32208

    A few weeks ago I was told that I would be having a JC on such and such a date... I declined to attend but send a note via my mother that said;

    As I was never baptized you need to leave me aloneā€¦

    Baptized persons who have not associated for some time.

    If you learn of serious wrongdoing on the part of such a person, the matter should be investigated if it poses a threat to the congregation's cleanness and welfare or causes a public scandal. Consider the following:

    Does he still profess to be a Witness?

    Is he generally recognized as such in the congregation and/or t e community?

    Does the person have a measure of contact or association with the congregation so that a leavening, or corrupting, influence exists?

    How did the matter become known to the elders?

    Is the person willing to meet with a committee, thus admitting accountability to the Christian congregation?

    Depending upon length of inactivity and other factors suggested above, elders may determine to hold the
    matter in abeyance. In such a case, a record of the person's questionable conduct should be made for the congregation file so that everything noted might be clarified when the person shows interest in becoming active again.

    I've not heard back from them no calls no stopping by no announcement... I wonder if this will stop them from bugging me?

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    nice! that's a good idea...

  • misspeaches

    I'm confused. Is your mum still a JW then? Did she know what the contents of the note were? How funny that you denied your baptism. I can just imagine them scratching their heads over that one!

  • mkr32208

    Yeah but my letter was in a sealed envelope so she delivered it to the elders unopened as I asked if she had any idea what was in it she would have refused I think she thought it was a DA letter... I guess it was, in a way!

  • peacefulpete
    Is the person willing to meet with a committee, thus admitting accountability to the Christian congregation?

    I love that line. So a person wanting to defend himself from hateful lies that will harm his family is "admitting accountability". How twisted. If I visited North Korea and was charged with treason, I would not be "admitting accountability" by trying to defend myself in their kangaroo court. Recognizing their having ability to harm me does not mean I recognize their authority is legitamate!

  • greendawn

    I am pleased that you have apparently gotten away from their clutches, they better judge and correct their own behaviour before they will be fit to judge others. The elders, and everyone all the way to the GB, have a lot on which to improve.

  • LittleToe

    Way to go, dude!

    I hope it works. That could be an interesting one.

    They would have to scratch their heads and see if they had two witnesses to the baptismal event (this might be useful for some of the older lurkers, here ) - even so, you could argue that your toes came out of the water, or something. Further, if there was a baptism date on your Publisher Record Card and you had signed it, that would be a legal admission to your being a member.

    Other than those two caveats, it seems you may have a case

  • Elsewhere

    Very interesting!

    The WTS is well known for their refusal to sign any documents with the laity for the purpose of not leaving a paper trail and therefore avoiding legal liability.

    It looks like their habit of not keeping documentation has backfired on them!

  • AlmostAtheist

    Neato! Hope it flies!


  • rebel8

    Were you baptized? If so how is it the elders don't have that info in their files?

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