A New Trend for JW Baby Boomers?

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  • stillAwitness


    The Society once said for many to not get certain vaccinations towards dieseases??!! Unbelievable. Anyone have info on this?

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "I think the boomers are realizing that Armageddon is'nt going to come in their lifetimes and that they'd better start thinking about retirement."The Society gave the Witness people the go ahead to think ahead at least 30 years when they wrote the Noah and his 120 years article. That wasn't another date setting article. It was written instructions from the Society to plan for the future. They wrote . . . ARMAGEDDON MIGHT NOT COME UNTIL 2034.
    That was a pretty in your face article. Many Witnesses noticed it and are planning accordingly.
    Isn't it great how the hook bends both ways on those articles.

  • NYCkid

    Good points everyone...yes, the college and retirement issue gets me riled up too. Not to change the subject (I think there's another topic regarding college) but they're still harping on the college thing. My mom sent me a couple of articles in the Nov or Dec 2005 Awake AND WT that talk about college (mind you this is the first time she sent me literature in about 2 years since I had finally asked them to stop sending me them and drove the point home by ripping one in half and mailing it back). Anyway I'm keeping them for research material, but I did peruse through them and it's the same crap "Vocational school ok, but only to learn a trade to support a family but 4-year college is bad and a distraction from spiritual pursuits and is really a waste of time and money..blah blah blah." How tired, please get over yourselves already.

    I find it ironic that one of their own (bethelite) is attending my school for women studies...(I can email anyone a scanned copy of the article), which I showed my Mother last month when I visited for the first time in many years...of course she said it didn't sound right..of course it doesn't sound right. The Society is so hypocritical anyway so I'm not surprised. Yes and Jehovah forbid they take care of their own......


  • Elsewhere
    My father will be turning 65 on the 7th of this month and last week my mother told me that he's waiting until next year to retired and collect social security so that he can collect the maximum of $1200 a month. My parents live in California and $1200 a month there aint much. My siblings and I are concerned that my parents mostlikely do not have much of a savings also.

    Many retirees move to little country towns where the cost of living is substantially lower than large cities. Perhaps your parents would like to do that too.

  • mrsjones5
    Many retirees move to little country towns where the cost of living is substantially lower than large cities. Perhaps your parents would like to do that too.

    Nope that's a no go, my mother believes that the only state to live in is California. And she keeps trying to presuade me to come back - I'm never going back except for vacations. If they moved here they could buy a house just as nice for a third of the cost of a home there, but she wont do it because she believes that the weather here in Indiana is more extreme than California. So it struck me as funny when last summer was hotter when she is than where I am and she had a huge energy bill because she had to run the A/C all the time.


  • jeeprube

    Welcome to the board NYCkid.

    I remeber about five years ago my parents finally decided to start thinking about retirement savings. They where quite panicked when they realized that they sat on the verge of being broke when they retired. The strange part about it was that they had realized that this old system might just last long enough for them to have to retire. It was actually a little sad.

    The harsh part about it, is that many older JW's will turn to their children for financial support. The whole anti-college stance may seem a little foolish then.

    How can a window washer support a wife, kids, a congregation, AND two sets of parents? I knew we should have let little Josesph take that college scholorship......

  • moshe

    The JW's my age who were doing carpet cleaning when I quit in 1988 will still be cleaning carpets in their golden years to pay their bills. WE have a very large generation which could revolt from the KH, but their pride keeps them from admitting they were duped by the Brooklyn F&D Slave. I have started to see some obituaries already of some former JW friends , now 50-60 yrs old who have already passed on. It's sad.



  • Sheepish

    That is an inspiring story Joelbear. You must be really proud of your dad.

  • LDH
    WE have a very large generation which could revolt from the KH, but their pride keeps them from admitting they were duped by the Brooklyn F&D Slave

    Amen Moshe. Pride goeth before a fall.

    NYC Kid, that article was posted here on this site about a month ago or so.

    My parents are financially stable. They are in the minority of baby boomer married couples that have assets and disposable incomes. Most do not.

    As for Gary's comments, I'd have to agree. The way children support their parents into old age in this society is by having assets. Which 'children' have assets? Mostly those who have been college educated. Who prevented most of the 'children' from attending college? The same parents who now need the resources a college education and career would have provided. So, you have a bunch of JW AND XJW kids that couldn't support their parents even if they wanted to!

    Just goes to show, karma's a real bitch.


  • AuldSoul

    I will happily provide for my parents in their old age. As soon as they abjectly apologize for maltreating me for having a different religious belief and cut off all ties with any religious organization who still considers themselves God's exclusive select. (The Watchtower Society will have long since collapsed). I refuse to support them in the furthering of separatist religions, when the concept is contradictory to my ethic. I would no sooner support them as they adhere to their religion than I would financially support a crack habit.


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