A New Trend for JW Baby Boomers?

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  • Scully

    When I was 18 years old and had saved a few thousand dollars from my first job, I wanted to put some money into RRSPs (= 401K for American folks). I mentioned this to my dad and he mocked me. He was laughing his ass off saying what a waste of money it would be, and that if I wanted to be an idiot and throw my money way when Armageddon™ was Just Around The Corner™, he would be happy to take it off my hands. He lamented that he didn't have a choice at his job, they automatically put money in a pension plan... money that he figured he would never see. There was no way he was going to throw away even more money in a retirement plan.

    Anyway my concern is that the financial burden of caring for our parents is going to largely fall on me and my siblings which is not fair but I'm more than happy to ensure my parents will have what they need (regardless of how they treated me in the past).

    That happened over 20 years ago. Guess who the real idiot was?

    My dad made his bed... by getting sucked in to a stupid cult and even further when he advised me that Apostates™ (meaning me and Mr Scully) were not welcome in his home. I hope my siblings can afford their nursing homes when the time comes.

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