Shaking my head, JW's talking about Paradise

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    Oh's taking all my willpower not to just jump in there and reply. *shakes head*

    So according to those guys, the reason animals would have to die is to avoid over-population?lol What, can't their God magic out another planet for them just like they are so sure he will do for humans? Don't this people know that the JWs teach that there will be no more "having kids and grand-children" in their paradise?

  • Elsewhere

    thats amazing 90% of unexplored brain power what are we gonna do start bending spoons with brain waves..LoL..j/k j/k

    I always get a laugh when I hear creationists say that. What they don't know is that the 90% figure comes from statistics directly related to the evolution of the size of the cranium.

  • cyd0099

    And I noticed there would still be Worldly™ movies to watch with your pet monkey.

    I was never one of those JW's who thought we'd be making gigantic leaps forward in tech, I was afraid we'd see how modern society has ruined the earth and so Paradise™ would be a regression back to a low-impact, rain forest tribal lifestyle [AKA the Discovery channel...]

    Maybe if those kids went after an education and exercised their minds, they would be using more of their brains, RIGHT NOW!

  • sinis

    Yea, like, like, totally cool, dude. - God, maybe some of these kids should seriously think about taking higher education courses where they can write, and speak proficiently in the ENGLISH language!

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  • sinis

    Where do some of these guys get there $hit from?

    I just want to know what we are going to be able to do with the other 90% of our brain that we cant use now. Maybe powers?? Walk on water? I call flying LOL

    We don't use 90% od our brain, WTF?! Maybe they don't, which is appearent from there grammer. We do use 100% of our brain. The 10% thing is a huge myth that has been debunked years ago.

    As far as animals dieing in the "New World" and that Adam knew what death was by looking at the animals, I have to call BS on that one. How can the statements in Genesis say that God said it was good. Since when is death good? All things suffer because of mans "disobedience". They then quote Rev, speaking of the end of death, yet only applying it to man - so I guess Death has many facets? Personally, I think if gods spirit is with man and his creation then there would be no death. They mention overpopulation. Once again WTF? Why have we diminished the capabilities of an almighty god and relegated him to "human" capabilities? If god can count every hair on your head and keep the universe in motion I think he can perform the "lowly" act of maintaining the creature balances necessary for life on earth. Damn, those kids are screwed in the head...

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    It just struck me that they were just an innocent bunch of youths chatting (in an almost dreamlike,drug induced state admittedly)amongst themselves.But I used to talk like that once.I suspect many of us did.

    Maybe they seem clueless and foolish to some of us (and the use of the word "cool"grated a lot)but to many Jw,s reading this thread some of us may come accross as sneering,bitter individuals.

    Dunno,just thinking aloud.

  • Hellrider
    We don't use 90% od our brain, WTF?! Maybe they don't, which is appearent from there grammer. We do use 100% of our brain. The 10% thing is a huge myth that has been debunked years ago.

    It is? I always heard that too, that we only use 10% of it. This was due to the "degeneration" since the fall of Adam and Eve. LoL, that we`ve been gradually getting stupider, and with my logic back then as a child, I thought that maybe eventually, if "this system of things" was allowed to continue for a bit longer, eventually we`d turn into monkeys or something, ha ha. Evolution in reverse. And of course, some JWs would say that in paradise, we`d use the other 90% too, and then, we`d understand those things that we couldn`t be able to understand now (like when I asked, if God made the world, who made God, etc, the questions that there are no answers for). I had no idea that the 10%-thing was just a myth.

  • Tuesday

    I find it funny that people write about this stuff when you hear it they sound like a five year old talking. Ooh I want to fly, I'm going to have a dolphin as a pet...seriously isn't that something you tell a 5 year old "no I'm sorry you can't have a dolphin as a pet because they're a wild animal" "But in paradise they'll all be tame" Yup...the enormous claws and teeth of a lion will be perfect for chewing this one shrub....oh God I can't even get into it further it's like debating whether someone is a "poopie head" with a kindergardener. Proven scientific fact be damned, this fable and carrot being dangled says otherwise....ARG!

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