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    welcome River!

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    WELCOME, Riverwatcher...lots of good advice here...OC, what you said really touched me.

    Anewme, your story is much like mine, I especially like the statement you made

    " she occupies a place of honor and respect in my heart the witnesses cannot touch"

    That is such a wonderful thing to say, and that is exactly how i felt about my husband's "worldly" family, even before I faded from the organization. They are the salt of the earth, as they say, and have accepted me from day one, even with all my JW quircks, as I too was DF'd when i married my worldly husband, and was reinstated to reclaim my family. They stood by me, even though they were scared out of their minds too.

    River, you sound like a wonderful woman, and hopefully your DIL will never forget how loving and caring you've been , from day 1...I'm sure things will be fine, just continue to play it cool. But, I sure hope you don't conform to their way of thinking...be yourself....your grandchild will need a "normal, non-JW" grandma in her life.... I'm ever so grateful, that my children have "normal" grandparents and relatives, outside the organization.

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    Welcome to the board, RIverwatcher!

    As others have said before, you seem quite intelligent AND wise. Love is the answer. I was the JW daughter-in-law with a husband who never converted, but I loved his parents with all my heart. They are wonderful people who loved him, me, and our children without prejudice. They never entered a Kingdom Hall to see what it was all about, and I fall on the side of those who suggest that you not attend meetings nor discuss religion with them. If they make half-hearted attempts to convert you, you can make half-hearted responses to "think about" what they've said. After two years, I doubt your son plans to pressure you to conform to his beliefs.

    May you have success with whatever tack you pursue.

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