Conspiracy freaks, here`s one for you!

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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Beware of the Michael Rupperts of America. He is the same Michael Ruppert who told us that we are facing Peak Oil and the Zionists are not bad.

  • Jourles
    If "god's channel" was aware of this attach, then where were then on Sept 10th? Why did they not warn the appropriate authorities in advance?

    That's easy. Because they thought this would trigger Armageddon! Why else would an attack on God's visible organization happen to occur only a couple of miles away? I really think the terrorists missed their true target. The twin towers just happened to be in the flight path to Brooklyn. The flight that turned around and went down in Pennsylvania was intended for Patterson. And the plane that accidentally hit the Pentagon was the result of the lack of flight training hours at the Acme Flight School in Florida(the pilot wasn't experienced enough). That flight was intended for Walkill.

    The WTS knew this was going to happen and they were prepared to scream "Persecution" from the rooftops when it did. Sadly for them, it will have to be delayed yet again for a future date. Luckily, they have enough Anointed ones to last them for another few decades to see the end.

  • greendawn

    That picture is just coicidental to the events of (11/9) or 9/11, it's the sublime demonic images in their publications that are worrying.

  • Pole
    The article was on "Amazing things have been done with technology"....the Twin Towers were finished in 1972 and 1973 and at the time they were the worlds largest buildings, so that is why they are in the picture!

    Yes exactly. And if you look closer at the jet plane, it looks like one of those Concord jets - which was another icon of technological advancement at that time. So the explanation is simple: they wanted to put some stereotypical items of technological advancement on the front page of Awake!. That's why you have the Twin Towers and the Concord jet-plane.

    Does anyone have the entire image? I believe there were more icons in this picture, totally irrelevant to the 9/11 issue.


  • willowmoon
    Check into Michael C. Ruppert's book, "Crossing the Lubicon." It's about 911 and who he fingers.

    Just to set the record straight... Mike Ruppert wrote Crossing the Rubicon. Paul Martin wrote Crossing the Lubicon having nothing to do with 9/11... same as the WT pics have nothing to do with it. Pics like this have surfaced many times since 9/11, they're without substance and in this case, used just as a by-product of hatred for the WTS.

    For the facts about the 9/11 cover up, research the internet. Talk and listen to those who witnessed the attacks. Read the insights of those who with prior knowledge to 9/11. Take Rig Boy's advice: Open your eyes and ears.

    Read some of the writers who aren't concerned with being on best-seller lists. Listen to other than mainstream up on Operation Mockingbird. The truth and facts, not theories and speculation, are all there.

    Now...... on to the REAL conspiracy --

    Here's a conspiracy. I started a thread which seems to have dissappeared...

    What DID happen to Benjamin's thread??????????????


  • sf

    Pardon me, yet here is another "duh" reply from me today.

    Where do you think Osama got the idea?


    sKally...{minimus, SHUT UP!!}

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