Conspiracy freaks, here`s one for you!

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  • Hellrider

    LoL @ Rig Boy

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    I'm into conspiracies, as evidenced by my website. However, I don't think those pics mean anything. Yeah, I believe there is a secret government that controls things. Sometimes, though, coincidences happen. As was stated, the WTC was a big deal and they drew it with a plane overhead. I wouldn't read anything more into it than that. It's like saying you can fold a dollar bill a certain way and make two buildings appear to explode or whatever. I'm sure you can fold it all sorts of ways and make different images, but I really don't believe for a second they designed the dollar bill to make an image of a disaster that would happen in 50 years when folded a special way. That's a reach.

  • Spectrum


    What do you think of the so called subliminal pictures in JW literature? Is it a real phenomenon or coincidence?

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Some of it may be coincidence. Some of what I've seen looks like a REAL stretch. Some, to my mind at least, are clearly intentional. Some are just too contrived. The picture of the ram on the table is too clear to be accidental. One of the images, where there is a robe, and the cloth on their arm forms the letters JAH, are also a little too contrived for me to believe it's random. Especially since, as is often pointed out with that image, everything in the painting is very realistic, yet in that ONE instance, they throw realism away, because cloth doesn't hang that way. It was actually hanging upwards, defying anything logical. Why would this ONE part of the picture suddenly be unrealistic and happen to form those letters? The fact that that JAH thing can be seen in other images seems to tell me it's not coincidental, either. The idea that those letters could appear unrealistically(in another image, it was in someone's hand - again, this totally unrealistic detail in a realistic painting) in more than one image just seems like too much to be a coincidence.

    One of the images seen at one of the subliminal images sites was one I sent in, by the way. It could very likely be coincidence though, since it was a cloud formation, and clouds look weird. Real clouds can look like things, and so can painted ones. I sent it in anyway though, for fun.

  • Clam

    If a pioneer knocked on Bin Laden's door and showed him those images, he'd be well impressed I reckon.

  • Hellrider
    Some, to my mind at least, are clearly intentional

    I agree with you on that. One of the drawing-guys having fun, or something. I doubt the GB approves, ha ha

  • Golf

    Check into Michael C. Ruppert's book, "Crossing the Lubicon." It's about 911 and who he fingers.


  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Here's a conspiracy. I started a thread which seems to have dissappeared...

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I know some people get ideas with the "hidden pictures" that have appeared in some of the magazines. The only thing I take away from this is that there are some pretty damn board Bethelites.

  • willowmoon

    Also depends a lot on what one wants to see....


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