"Deliverance At Hand" 2006 Convention

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  • FadingAway

    Young People Ask: Deliverance at Hand, New Light on Masturbation!

    The UN: So we F**KED up, it's not as bad as you think!

  • Latte

    "Deliverance At Hand" "and dear brothers.....we mean it this time!"

  • newcreation

    I heard that the keynote address was entitled; "Millions Now Living Have Left the Borg"

  • Latte

    Green dawn,

    One can say: the millions that were to be delivered very soon in 1925 but instead died. The betrayed generation?

    So very true! Why…o…Why don’t the r&f get it ??? It’s so damned obvious it’s all crap….what a LIE…yes betrayal!!

    ‘The Millions Now Living’ matter is shocking in that they claimed to represent God.

    It's also one of the main JW beliefs that got me to leave very quickly...lol

  • blondie

    I don't think the conventions are posted till the 3/1/05 WT and on their www.jw-media.org site about then too.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Keynote Symposium:

    Will you "Wait on Jehovah"?

    • By ignoring doubts, concerns, and reality. Brother I. Havnoclue
    • How we know the Faiihful Slave will be alive and numbering about 8500 for ever on earth. Brother Thir Tyfive Issealed
    • How the 'Great Crowd' is residing in the 'divine habitation' of God while on earth. Brother Will Swallow
    • What Jesus really meant in John 14:6 - a prophecy supporting organization today. Brother Iva Twist
    • The King now ruling in heaven for 92 years - the end is nigh! Brother Ima GettinTired
  • dinah

    "New Light on Masturbation" That one killed me!!!

  • Honesty

    Brothers, several new releases will be featured this summer at the 'Deliverance at Hand' District Convention.

    We are pleased to announce the following exciting releases:


    Loyalty to the Faithful Discreet Slaves Results in Untold benefits

    The Faithful Discreet Slave - Your Key To Paradise

    Faithful Ones Reap The Rewards Of Service


    Now Is The Acceptable Time To Know The Faithful Slave

    How You Can Be Assured Of A Brilliant Future With Light That Is Getting Brighter


    Become A Jehovah's Witness Or Die Soon

    Why Do Jehovah's Witnesses Deny 1975?

    For your convenience contribution boxes will be at all entrances.

    Warm Christian love,

    The Witchtower Babble and Trick Society

  • jgnat

    New release, "Showing Lovingkindness in these Last Days", also affectionately referred to as "The Love Book"

    This manual assists the brothers and sisters in imitating theocratic lovingkindness, or spiritual "agape", to your loyal leaders, fellow congregation members, literal neighbours, ageing relatives and other family members, in that order. This helpful guide provides simple examples in point form along with abundant illustrations. Along with the list of acceptable displays of theocratic affection, an extensive appendix lists less acceptable displays of affection, or worldly "philios" that a thoughtful brother or sister would carefully weigh, using their bible-trained conscience, before undertaking.

  • AuldSoul

    For the record: If this organization is supposed to collectively be God's prophet that he declares things to before they happen and we are supposed to be the ridiculers (as they say is the case), then I think it was very unfair and unjust to use as a prophet and organization whose words in the name of God have failed 100% of the time up until now.

    Using such an organization as a prophet of the ACTUAL impending doom would be a gross injustice as a basis for excuting judgment on those who chide, "Sure this one is the REAL one. Keep crying wolf and eventually the wolf will show up, eh?"


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