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  • Clam

    Obviously some of you have been responsible for “converting” people to the JW religion.

    Now that you’ve left, do you ever feel responsible for these people in any way? There’s no reason why you should I suppose but I’m interested from a human angle. Maybe bonds don’t necessarily stay between the witness and the witness who first got him into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to pinpoint a guilt thing here, but I wonder if anyone has ever felt that they should or could “save” someone who they once, ironically, thought they were saving?

    By the way sorry if this theme has been done, I’m new here.

  • skyman

    The one person that I was the first one to place any thing with this one man, start the study and keep it going and he came in. He told me that the only reason he is a JW is becuase he like me so felt like he would listin to what I have to say. He has asked me many time why I am not going anylonger. I can't find it in my soul to tell him the Truth about the Troof.

  • peacefulpete

    To my surprise not one of those that I studied with asked me why I left. I was not df'ed for years after leaving yet nothing. kinda strange really. If I had been asked sincerely and felt they really wanted to know I would have shared something, but I've not made effort to contact or convice anyone. It seems rather pointless.

  • Woodsman

    I do think about that but they are adults making their own decisions and if they let me I would tell them what I know.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I wonder what is going to happen the day that I finally am able to leave. There was a number of men in my first congregation that really liked me. I wonder if they will ever bother to hear my side of the story. This of course is pending upon what happens. Still, I can't help but wonder.

  • TallTexan
    I wonder if they will ever bother to hear my side of the story.

    Uh...no. You'll just be another poor misguided soul who let Satan get his clutches in. As in typical JW fashion, they want you to hear their reasons for everything, but when you try to offer up your reasons they'll put their hands to their ears and go "la la la la la" because they are scared of the truth.

    My friends know me to be an intelligent person, with good though rationale. They used to say (when I was inactive) "You don't go to the meetings anymore and still understand more about scripture than we do". But once they got a hint of the 'apostate-ness', I suddenly became an idiot who took at face value the lies of the 'evil slave'.....they do what they have to do in order to protect, as Cartman would say, their fragile little minds....

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey Clam, welcome to the board!

    when i was a pioneer, i brought a guy into da troof, ya. at the time i was quite proud of myself.

    now of course, you can probably guess how i feel about it. i truly ruined someones life, and i can't even blame jehovah for it because god doesn't exist. all i can do is blame myself for screwing another human being over. it's a horrid feeling you can only know once you have left the wts, and you look back at it with that sick sensation in your stomach.

    i want to call him and try to help him again, because he really trusted me, you know? but i know he wouldn't talk to me.



  • jwfacts

    I converted one person from the door to door, but they got disfellowshipped a few years later, so i feel somewhat guilty for the negative affect i had on her life.

    Several kids in the org studied with me, one is of the same mind i am at now, and the others are all fairly slack as JW's, so i am happy for that.

    I have sucessfully helped a number of JW's leave in the last few months, and am happy to think that has made up for any damage I may have done to others in the past. I think more people have left with my assistance in 6 months than my entire family converted in 30 years. At this rate, and the help of sites like this i am very confident the WTS will be struggling greatly within the next 10 years.

  • jwfacts

    BTW, welcome Clam. I just read your profile and found it very interesting. I wish it was possible to collect statistics of the number of JWs that have died from refusing blood.

  • Clam

    Thanks everyone and thanks for the welcomes Tetrapod and JWFacts.

    JWFacts yes you'd think it would be not too hard to get the transfusion death numbers via medical record data bases. The memorial on the ajwrb.org is very very poignant.

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