It's that time, singles..... sign in please

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  • pamkw

    I'll bite (probably because I had too much to drink).

    I'm Pam, I'll be 42 next month and I planning on celebrating my birthday.I am today celebrating Christmas. I do not want to date a witness or anyone who is fundy in anyway. I like computers, and reading and hanging out with my kids. I like most movies and all types of music.

    I am looking for a man who is easy going, and knows how to have fun. Don't want anyone who is hanging on to past guilt, or has out of control addictions.

    So if you are an apostate, single male, likes kids and the internet, and hates all things jw. PM me.

    See ya!!!


  • shamus


    I hate serving the WTBTS, my name is Shamus, I am homosexual and am married to Bert, but we are on the rocks.

    I am looking for a male for hot fun...

    Please contact me at:

  • seven006

    Gumby, Minimus, be nice. Think about what is floating around your evil minds and try to let this one go.

    Pam, read my first post. This is a very old thead.


  • JamesThomas
    a bunch of pretenders looking for people to prey on

    You'll have to go here for that. j

  • pamkw

    Hey, it was in the active topics list, I didn't look at the date. So what!!! Can't blame a girl for trying.


  • unsurfer

    I guess this is where I sign in! My name is Frank and I live in Alberta, Canada. Recently turned 32. Have been studying for a long time now and have finally progressed to the point of getting baptized. Was tough to give up the worldly habits, but I did, and now here I am. Found this forum and wanted to maybe meet some other people who are in the same position as me.

  • seawolf

    good luck.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Unsurfer, I am a 47 year old overweight female apostate. Still interested??? PM me.

  • G Money
    G Money

    I´m 30´s, bilingual, blue eyes, brown hair, 6 feet and work out. I can ham it up so if you don´t like laughing hard and spitting milk out your nose, I´m not your man. Anything else, just ask. I´m well travelled, well Mexico and the USA of course.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    I guess you guys have scared Frank away!

    Unless you have any interesting announcements for us HL??

    Oh, excuse my manners - Frank/unsurfer, if you're staying around, welcome and all the best whatever you decide

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