It's that time, singles..... sign in please

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  • dancnsteph

    Hey there all you singles. It's that time in the show where we all sign in and tell a little about ourselves. I guess I will get the ball rolling here.
    My name is Stephanie. I am 20-female-from VA.
    What I like to do: watch movies, listen to music, read, play around on my computer, hang out with friends, and most of all, serve Jehovah.
    What I am looking for in a member of the opposite sex: caring, compassionate, mature (emotionally and spiritually), someone who knows exactly what it is they want..and I think that's it.

    Now it's your turn. Just follow my lead: Start with name, age, where you're from, all that good stuff. Then just tell everyone what kind of things you like to do, then tell us what you look for in someone of the opposite sex. It's that easy!

    Talk to ya later,

  • hoffmanshawn

    hello steph
    my name is shawn i am 30 black hair and blue eyes 5'9" tall blue eyes and i live in stratford wisconsin i am looking for a mature woman.i like all sorts of things.


  • TruthHurts

    Hi Steph

    Im TruthHurts, I am a little older than you (not much), im from an English-speaking country.

    I like music, reading (especially the Bible), all sorts of stuff.

    I like a woman who is attractive inside and out, but out isnt all that important. Intelligence is good (cant converse with a moron), lots of patience (needed with me), honesty is essential, and she must be willing to allow Jehovah into the marriage. Cooking and cleaning skills are a useful advantage, but training can be given

    My worst nightmare is this happening on my wedding night:

  • twvsnt

    Hi I'm twvsnt a.k.a Pamela I'm 26-years old. I live in New Jersey with my worldly relatives. I'm average looking 5 ft. 9 and have a slender frame. I like going to the movies,listening to Jazz music as well as techno and R&B spending time with fellow witnesses, watching Jay Leno, roller-skating,and swimming. I'm looking for a male who is also a witness, who is good-looking, funny, humble and don't mind animals especially cats

  • claudia

    Hi what part of nj? I lived in south jersey years ago.

  • twvsnt

    hi claudia, nice to meet another jersey resident! I live in northern NJ, in essex county! Why'd you move from southern NJ?

  • claudia

    Hi we moved when i was very young because my father was transferred at his place of employment. but i still have relatives there so i visit.

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    name: chuck
    location: new jersey

    personal info: 5'10", hazel eyes, black hair, 175 lbs

    interests include: world cultures and their religious beliefs, mythology, free masons, aliens, stonehedge and the pyramids, anything occult. . .

    pass times: working on my spiritual growth, recording in the lair, downloading from napster, very passionate about music, foreign films, cafes, and good conversation

    seeking: intelligent, open-minded and free thinking woman, who can differentiate between a scam and the truth, for more details on this goto my homepage.

  • Kunlesky


    Are these really bros and Sis? Or it's just a bunch of pretenders looking for people to prey on?

    Need verification


  • seven006


    Look in the upper right hand corner of this thread. You will see that this thread was stared almost four years ago. I think most of the people who posted in it are married by now and have a couple of kids.

    This site is for those who have found out things about the watchtower organization that you may possibly not want to hear. There is a singles site for JW's on the net. If you look on a search engine you just may find it.

    Take care,


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