Please help us to fill out our Blood card!

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  • lv4fer

    This is so wrong. I came from a congregation shere oiver half the elders didnt believe in antibiotcs or vaccinations. They said they weakened your immune system. Don't you want these elders making your healthcare decisions! Oh yeah did I mention that some of them did not graduate from high school and the highest education any of them had was a high school diploma. There fields of occupation were truck drivers and janitorial services.

  • Gill

    lv4fer - This lack of education is a real problem. Would you want a non medical person making medical decisions for you? No!

    But the dubs are now, in effect, forced to accept this. What would be the result if a JW did cross out the part of the form that allowed their medical notes to be read by a HLC member? There would be repurcussions of some sort, even if the elder only commented on it.

    In the UK, even the next of kin does not have the right to read your medical notes unless you allow it.

    My son had tonsilitis, (he is 19). The GP could not discuss his tonsilitis with me. And yet if he was a JW he would have allowed a window wiper to have access to all his medical notes and make his medical decisions. It is really wrong.

    Someone has to challenge this in law. Sooner or later they will.

    The two problems are Privacy, (you know an elder will never keep anything private) and secondly, the HLC are not medically trained. The recent 'Big News' proves that the information they have been given by the WTBTS is also false.

  • ballistic

    Gill, you should have said, "well ok but only if you help me fill out mine"...

  • Gill

    Ballistic!!!!!! That would have been interesting!!

  • TheListener

    The USA received the new cards last year. The new cards didn't discuss access to hospital records by the HLC or their representatives. The new cards (2004) in the USA instructions state that the cards are valid indefinitely.

    Perhaps they introduced the UK cards one year later and with the additional text of access to medical records.

    The service meeting parts on blood for the USA are scheduled for late January. I don't believe new cards will be handed out though. Just a rehash of why we carry them and how imporant blood is.

    The letter (posted already) will be read at that service meeting and the blood video will be dicussed.

  • Gill

    So, if the HLCs in the USA don't have access to a JWs medical records, why do the HLC in the UK need/want access to medical records? I don't understand why they want it unless it is to keep tighter control of the sheep.

  • inbyathread
    I don't understand why they want it unless it is to keep tighter control of the sheep.

    I believe that the UK is a test country. If they can convince the sheep there that allowing the HLC members access to medical records is the right thing to do, (read obedience) then they will spread to other countries.

    The UK as I understand has strict privicy laws to protect its citizens. If the WTS can get past those laws then other countries will be a cinch. They will use what they learned in the british courts and apply in the U.S. or other countries.

  • Sheri

    Please confirm if you are saying that this World Wide Organization that works together is issuing different blood cards to different countries???? Last one I saw for the USA was November of 2004 could some one scan the UK card that is being distributed to the congregations and could someone advise if USA had newer card than the 2004.

    Sorry I have not been in the loop since Sept of 2004 and their love have not gotten me a new blood card since my 2001 card.

    Appreciate any help on this issue.



  • Clam

    pmsl @ Ballistic's card.

  • Gill

    I was going to post a copy, (I'm waiting for one to be delivered by a 'friend') but apparantly it was posted a couple of weeks ago.

    Even if you can go along with their version of blood and transfusions, to actually sign away your rights to confidentiality to them is really stepping way over the mark. The problem is, the R and F don't seem to understand what they're doing.

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