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  • DaveNwisconsin

    A month ago my mother died. She had been a witness for 40 years. When she was sick she got me wondering if all the witnesses think that this system will come to an end in there lifetime and they won't have to go thru death? I know my mother went to her grave thinking death would not happen to her. One time she even told me she was like number 170 in line. One wonders when a person knows of there impending death if they think the new system is seconds away? Any ideas?

  • JH
    When she was sick she got me wondering if all the witnesses think that this system will come to an end in there lifetime and they won't have to go thru death?

    When I joined the Org. definitely it was commun knowledge that the end was SO close that your chances of dying before the new system arrives was very slim, unless you were very old and sick.

    When I got baptized, I felt as if my eternal life just began !!!!

    This shows how I felt about the proximity of the new system.

  • ferret

    My grandfather went to his grave thinking he would see the "end" in the seventies.

    My parents also expected the end to come before they died (father 1988, mother 2000)

    father 78 and mother 86 grandfather 93. I left the borg in 1980 and some of my children

    shun me. As I have grand children and four great grandchildren, I see the trend changing

    as most of the grand children are not buying into the lies of the W.T. This makes me


  • JH

    Slowly but surely, we are all heading for the grave.

    It think that less and less witnesses think they won't die, and more and more put their trust in the resurrection.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    My thought when we talk about Jesus coming back is that it won't happen until the last day. Otherwise it seems unfair too all the people that don't know God like kids etc. God loves everyone, not just the Jehovah Witnesses. How can anyone think there is only one true religion? Oh ya, through cults!

  • Funchback

    I got roped into the cult when I was about 8 years old (1978). It was rammed into my skull, meeting after meeting, during conversations, during bible studies, that you MUST BE BAPTIZED in order to survive Armageddon, which was closer than we could imagine.

    Then, I began to think I would never see my teens in this system of things.
    Then, after I turned 13, I began to think that I would never get a driver's license at 16 because the new system of things would come, and, there are no cars in the new system.
    Then, after I turned 16, I began to think that 18 would never come in this system of things.
    Then, after I turned 18, I began to think that I would never reach the legal age limit of 21 in this system of things.
    Then, after I turned 21, I began to think I wouldn't reach 30 in this system of things.
    NOW, I am 36, and I barely have anything saved away for my retirement. I can't believe how I used to think.

    Oh, and I remember how I used to always think that President Reagan would turn against religion, then Bush One, then Clinton, then Bush 2.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Two of my witness friends in the early 70's died in thier teens. All the witnesses said things like "well, he will be getting an resurrection very soon now. He'll be one of the first to come back." This of course based on the Witnesses telling God in what order he would have to do the resurrection - last to die, first to get resurrected -...

    These two fellows have now been gone over 30 years each. We all thought we would be standing around waiting to see them come back to life real soon. Now many of the self proclaimed resurrection watchers are dead too.

    The Watchtower Lie Machine churns our false hope based on human reasoning. They sing a good song - but there is no substance.


    BTW DaveNWisconsin - welcome to the forum. Condolences on the loss of your ma'.

  • bavman

    I was told when I was a boy I would never have to worry about dying. I never even really thought I would have to see my parents die. I agree with "JH". The Witnesses still talk about the end being close however they are putting more and more trust in the resurrection as their hope and not really trusting they won't die at all. They feel as long as they are in good standing in "Jehovers org." they are essentially "saved".

  • garybuss

    The Witnesses are so childish and so stupid for not seeing obvious unconnected ties. They have all these doctrines like unconnected pieces of yarn. All loose ends all coming out of a yarn ball, all unconnected. I had to laugh at one elder that came to talk to me at my invitation. I asked him about 1975 and why Armageddon didn't come.

    He said "We don't know when Eve was created. Armageddon will come 6,000 years after Eve was created.". I laughed at him. I showed him in the Aide book where the Society wrote that Adam and Eve were created in the same year. Then I laughed again. I told him that the Society said Jesus created all "other" things and that INCLUDED EVE. And IF Jesus created Eve as the Society says, he would know when she was created. BUT Jesus said he didn't know when the end would be. So if the end was coming when Eve was created, he would have known that. I could just see the blood draining from the elder's face. He got up and left.

  • Kaput

    Good one, Gary!

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