Did you eat your black-eyed peas?

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  • Rabbit

    Horrible my friend,

    Yes, we did have our black eyed peas with smoked ham hocks, over rice & Northern cornbread.

    Good stuff ! For you foreigners who never had the pleasure -- please just try 'em.

    Are ya' feeling lucky ? We are.

    The Rabbits (of the just loves to use the word 'luck' again - class)

  • oldflame

    I tried them once when I lived in Texass, I thought they were the most nasty tasting thing I ever put in my mouth.

  • lisavegas420

    blackeyed peas?....I was told to have pork and kraut for good luck for the rest of the year..

    I am going to try this though.

    Texas Caviar

    2 cans (14-16 oz.) black-eyed peas
    1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
    cracked or freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 cup each red and green bell peppers -- chopped
    2 jalapeno -- chopped
    3 green onion -- chopped

    Drain the liquid from the peas. Place peas in a pan or bowl. Add remaining
    ingredients and mix thoroughly. Store in a jar in refrigerator up to a
    week. Serve as a dip for tortilla chips

    I'm also going to try gentlyferal's ritual. Thanks for that site. Looks really interesting.


  • carla

    What do they taste like? I think they taste like dirt, real actual soil. Just how dirt smells is how they taste. No offense to the black eyed pea lovers. I remember gagging at the table and my dad saying, 'quit doing that'. Like I had control over this? Luckily, mom never made them again.

  • TopHat

    Yes, I remember my Mom and my Aunt cooking up a pot of blackeyed peas and sevring them with cornbread.....yummmyyyyyyy......but since I moved up north, I have lost the tradition.

  • Crumpet

    My BF says you have to sleep with a black eyed pea for good luck !!! And I know which one he wants!

  • Thegoodgirl

    I hope you all knew to WEAR YELLOW UNDERWEAR on new Year's Eve. It's supposed to bring good luck and good fortune all year. I bought a pair just for the occasion, and hubby wore his bright yellow boxers, too.

    I didn't know about the black eyed peas. I'll add that one next year. They taste like pinto beans, don't they?

  • DaCheech
  • DaCheech

    WE had to eat lentil soup for good luck

  • Rabbit

    It's very possible if the black-eyed peas you ate -- tasted bad -- they weren't cooked right at all.

    The ones I made is my own variation, if i can find the time I'll post it.

    They really are good. They taste a little like most dried peas, which all have a little different flavor...well, ok, chicken. They taste like chicken!

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