Do you know the words to the national anthem?

by Mysterious 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DannyBloem
    Just curious danny, why don't you care?

    It is just a song, and a not very nice one. Not gives me any feeling, nor do I care to much about my country. Like some things of it, some things I do't. My country is not better then a lot of others.

  • Jamelle

    I do know the words to the US national anthem and have for a long time. Standing in a crowd of students, being the only one without my hand over my hear, the only one not singing, was emotionally uncomfortable enough to burn the words into my brain.

    Now I sing it whenever it is appropriate, before a game, etc. I get choked up a bit sometimes. Usually its because singing it makes me think of all those years when I couldn't sing it and why - which is more than enough to get me choked up.

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