Temp hits 113 degrees plus (near 50 celsius) Is it the time of the end?

by ozziepost 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Billygoat

    It was around 80 degrees here in Dallas for Christmas. I can only imagine how hot it must be for you Aussies.

  • gumby

    Ozmeister just loooooves to rub it in to us folks who are freezin our arses off in other parts of the world. Soon as it gets 115 where I live.....his Shiraz will be freezin on his back porch and I'll be rubbin it in his face........just wait!


  • wombat

    Ozzie isn't here to-nite. But down south where he is to-day the temperature is way over 100 with 50 mph winds.

    Every fire crew is out. Houses have been lost. The road between Brisbane and Sydney is closed.

    Ozzie is okay where he lives.

    It doesn't bear to think of the pain and destruction to our beautiful wild-life. But, that's nature. I guess.

    No, it's not nature. It's us stupid people being selfish with our planet.

  • Billygoat


    Here in Texas, there have been scores of wildfires across our state this month. And the majority of them have been started by careless humans.


  • wombat

    Billygoat....Texas....Yeah, I read in to-days paper that you are in the middle of a 20 or 50 year drought...........Same sort of stuff happening here.

    Hey Billygoat from Texas.............A texas (Texan ?) cattleman visited one of our cattle stations over here. He told the owner that it took him three days to ride around his fence line. The Aussie told him that he once owned a horse like that once so he shot it.

  • ozziepost

    Well we survived!

    The power compant shut off our power yesterday Pm - blamed it on us selfish types using our aircons!!!

    So, we had to wait on a southerly buster arriving to cool things down a bit (thanks Melbourne!).

    We got a shower of rain too.

    Today the weather has been so....beautiful. Overcast but warm - just like a Pacific tropical island.

    How's about that, Grumbles?


    How cold does it get? Well, it gets quite nippy in winter, but we've never, ever had snow!

    On the coast it's very mild in winter but inland over the Great Dividing range, in some high places they get a frost sometimes.

    remember though that Australia has two (or three?) climate zones. We have the tropical north, (like where wombats live!) then you get a mid-range between tropical and temperate, and then there's temperate. Melbourne's in the temperate zone. Canberra, because it's in the 'high country' gets bloody cold! especially when we plan a Cannyfest!

    Cheers all, and have a happy new year,


  • oldflame

    Hey Ozzie send me some of that damn heat here will ya....

  • Dansk

    My daughter, Stephanie, is visiting Australia, Brisbane I think, late this year (looks like December). Any chance of any of you meeting up with her? At the moment she is still treading the JW line, but she is not overly zealous and will gladly mix with faders, disfellowshipped, etc. I'd like her to mix with exJWs so she can see for herself that one can actually have a life outside of the cult. We are treading very carefully at the moment, but she really is more open now - and is looking a lot healthier! I believe she will be in Oz for around a month, staying with a JW girl (again, her friend isn't a hard core JW, so there's hope).

    We've got around 12 months for Stephanie to really chill out but, as I intimated, we have to take things slowly. I'm just so glad she has moved back home at the moment AND she has a new job which she seems to be enjoying.

    Any help you can give will be most appreciated. Stephanie is really enthusing about visiting Oz! She is very bubbly and enjoys fun.



  • Peppermint

    Ozzie, that is just too hot. I like the climate we have here in the U.K. Lots of variety but nothing too hot or too cold.

  • deeskis

    yep it's cooler today, thank goodness

    we also have some ski resorts, ok not anything like you guys in the states get, but we take what we can get. when i moved to oz i thought that would be the end of my ski-ing, but i'm still hooked.

    my two older children snowboard, but the youngest is still on skis. i love the summer, although yesterday was a bit too much for me, but i love winter too......


    happy new year

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