Guess what my mom and dad sent me today!!

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  • katiekitten

    LMAO at Horriblelife! She said she wanted to be a Jehovah!!!!!

    He built several houses and used to put a bible and some literature in the walls before the plaster went up

    HUH???? What did he built - wattle and daub huts? Papier mache houses? I hope he chewed em up thoroughly before pasting em on the walls. How weird.

    They wouldnt burn

    Double HUH??!! I thought only Deemunized things didnt burn?

  • Finally-Free
    I tried buring them in the woodstove, but the suckers didn't burn very well!! I had a hard time getting them to light.

    I recall JWs saying that "false religious idols" can't be easily destroyed because they're sometimes protected by demons. That could be the problem here.

    Invest in a good shredder.


  • katiekitten
    Invest in a good shredder

    Thats a damn good idea. Theres also recycling possibilities here. You know how monks always seem to make stuff to sell, like pottery or honey? Well the Witnesses could shred old magazines, chew them up - rows and rows of faithful sisters in chewing rooms, with brothers as chewing overseers, then they could mould the mush into ornaments to be sold at Bethel. They could paint amusing things on like 'I went to Brooklyn and all I got was this lousy chewed ashtray' or similar.

    (I cant seem to shake the chewing idea, its all Bumblebees fault)

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