'I love Jehovah'! What is that supposed to mean?

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  • ButtLight
    But I love Jehovah!!!! Makes no sense to me.

    Well, Im going to go out on a limb here so I can be attacked, but I do love Jehavah. I guess cause I was born and raised a witness, and to me, he is the creator, cause I know of no other! Even the catholic religion USE to have jehovah written in their bible, but it was removed. Does it really matter what the creators name is?

  • JH
    What is it that they're meant to be loving?

    Somewhere in the bible, it's written that loving Jehovah means keeping his commandments.

    But we are sinners, and don't keep his commandments, but that's ok, cause Jesus gave his life for us.

  • mrsjones5
    Does it really matter what the creators name is?

    Nope, it doesnt really matter.

  • JH

    Like it doesn't matter what mrsjones5 means

    AS long as we know it's you

  • Jourles

    My question is: If you were an elder and two dubbies standing next to each other said, "I love Jehovah," and the other said, "I love Jesus," which one would you pull into the back room and why? (let's face it, if an elder heard one of these statements, someone is getting pulled)

    Are not both statements truthful and honest when coming from a believing jdub? But why would one of them likely be counseled?

    Because it reeks of "Christendom."

  • Gill

    'Does it matter what God's name is?'

    Errr.....I beg to differ with you all.

    Doesn't the bible say that 'Jehovah' is a jealous god and jealous for his name etc.

    From evidence in the OT he's one bad tempered, irrational and violent God at times...in fact many times.

    I think that he don't want to be called Fred if his name is really George. He just might smite you and yours to the tenth generation!!!

    And those of you, ie buttlight, who say they love Jehovah, well, if your father thought it OK to command genocide.....would you love him unconditionally? Or are you just afraid that you might be included in his next massacre, so you 'say the words and do the walk' just to keep him appeased?

    Look at some of the worlds worst dictators, Sadam, Hitler, Mussolini, Ghengis Khan etc.....they all had their good sides....and terrifyingly, their bad and ugly sides.

    That's why 'I make it rain on the righteous and the unrighteous' don't cut no ice with me.

    As I said earlier....'maybe I love Jesus,' I can understand someone saying...but Jehovah? I've got to wonder what you're afraid of!

  • ButtLight
    As I said earlier....'maybe I love Jesus,'

    Well, how can you love jesus, and not his father? Or dont you believe god is his father? Jesus follows gods word to a tee, so how could you love him??? (im sounding like a jw here) But sorry, I believe in jehavah, or god if you will, I just believe that the borg has fallen short! They are imperfect just like us, and their day is coming. (if any of that is really true) Isnt Jesus ruling in heaven with god? If you condemn one, then you have to condemn the other in my opinion!

  • Gill

    Buttlight - I respect and understand what you say.

    However, The Bible, and its stories are NOT what they appear. It's time to look into the history of this book, WHY it was used to control the masses and the real possibility that there was NO Jesus!

    Religion was once used to control the masses. Now we have the rule of Law, or an attempt to rule with law.

    Perhaps there was a creator, and maybe there is. But what's with the schizophrenic character traits that the Bible portrays?

    Too many questions. But the answers that the Bible and religion give just don't add up.

    'I Love Jehovah' is just a mantra, used by the Controlled to show their enslavement. Maybe in the same way as a dog collar.

  • ButtLight
    and the real possibility that there was NO Jesus!

    Well, then why would you love him?

    used by the Controlled to show their enslavement

    Well, I think we should be ensaved by god, he gave us life! (just dont think its through the jws anymore.)

    Im not arguing with your opinion. Sometimes I have to wonder why a loving god would let the things happen, to the ones he created. But who am to judge him? I believe its the other way around.

    We all have our reasons for doing the things we do, including him. We may not agree with them, or understand them, but, thats just the way the ball bounces.

  • JH
    and the real possibility that there was NO Jesus

    My calendar reads 2006

    Something important must have happened some 2000 years ago

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