Your Childhood Dreams, what were they?

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  • Golf

    Did you ever fulfill your childhood dreams? What were they? Mine was in sports, and yes, I have fulfilled my dreams even when I was in the witness program.


  • Golf

    I asked my wife that question a few minutes ago and she said, "A happy family and I got it!"

    So you see you, dreams do come true.


  • DannyBloem

    This sounds very stupid maybe,

    but when i was 4 years old, I was sure I wamted to become I scientists, astronomer or so.
    (did not pay much attention to the watchtower study at that age I guess)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I wanted to become a counselor and work with kids who had been abused.

    Well the JWs killed that dream off. Well at least for a while. After I left the borg I went back to school and fulfilled the dream except I wound up working with adults who had been abused. The counselor inside me is alive and well

  • gumby

    I wanted a little brother for awhile since I had 4 sisters. Other than that, I honestly do not remember having one. I was a bit mentally reclusive when growing up a little dub with a dad who hated the religion and fought physically and mentally with my mom for most all my childhood.


  • trevor

    I did not have a childhood - I was a Jehovah's Witness but I did have dreams. To survive Armageddon and bring praise to Jehovah.

    Seem like not all dreams are meant to come true. Oops! .

  • Golf

    Dannybloem, that was not stupid, not the least. You can still follow your dreams.

    LadyLee, good for you. We need examples of how dreams come true even if there partial. Your an inspiration to this forum and others have expressed it. That's a beautiful dream.


  • tetrapod.sapien
    Did you ever fulfill your childhood dreams?

    wha? was raised in a religion that sucks all the joy out of life. i haven't even been out for a year. give me a few more months.

    What were they?

    sophia loren, bridgette bardot. ...... at the same time.

  • kls

    I guess i have . I made it to adulthood and that in itself is really something.

  • under74
    sophia loren, bridgette bardot

    you sure you're in your 20s tetra? this is an answer from a 20 something circa 1965...

    Ok...i'm kidding, I think Paul Newman back in the day was somethin' to look at


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