How many of you get today as a holiday?

by Billygoat 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Billygoat

    Of course, I'm off work because I was laid off for December. But Mozz is off today AND Monday for New Years! So we get another four-day weekend together.

    (Why is it on days I can sleep in, I can't? )

    So today, we're going to have brunch, take the new puppy to the dog park and possibly hit a matinee with bottled coke and microwave popcorn hidden in a big purse. Any big plans for your New Year's weekend?

  • SixofNine


    Neil didn't sound like he wanted us to bring the girls to see Brokeback Mountain this afternoon. It's cool though, I guess it'll be nice to see you too.

  • schne_belly

    Nope... I don't have off today. I'm here at's S L O W, so it'll be a long day!

    Hubby and I both have off Monday though. Even though we don't have any other plans but sleeping in, it'll be fun.

    Tomorrow, all of our family is getting together for "cosmic bowling". Then dinner & a movie at my in laws. Maybe out for drinks later on.

    Sounds like you have a nice agenda Andi. Have fun. What movie are you planning on going to see?

  • Billygoat

    Six...I thought you were seeing Brokeback Mountain with Megadude, which is why Mozz made plans with me.

    Schne - I'd like to see Memoirs of a Geisha. I think he wants to see the Johnny Cash movie or Narnia.

  • schne_belly

    I've heard good reviews of "Walk the Line" ( Johnny Cash) haven't heard anything about the other two though....

    Have Fun!!! It's snowing here in Wisconsin today....real dreary. A great day for a movie, I'm jealous!

  • YoursChelbie

    Hi, Andy!

    I have off today. Actually my Spring classes don't start until Jan. 12 so I guess you could say I can take a breather.

    On the other hand, I will be starting my end of the year clothes-sorting: I sort out all the clothes that my (fast growing) girls don't fit into anymore and donate them. It is a big job.

    Any particular movie you'll be going to see?


  • Plummet

    I get Monday off as a holiday, if I don't get called in.

    Have fun with the new

    What is "cosmic Bowling"?

    Fireworks are in the new years plans now. Wahoo Firework Checklist

    Bottle Rockets

    Artillery Shells

    Saturn Missiles

    Cherry Bomb

    A Big Rocket

    Roman Candles

    and other stuff like Fountains, Sparklers, Blooms, Crackle Balls, Black Cats, Jumping Jacks, ect.

  • lonelysheep

    There's a few of us in the office today, but HR will probably let us out early. We're off on Monday!

    Brokeback Mountain is finally playing in a theater around here, and I would like to go there right from work today.

    Memoirs of a Geisha was a great movie...saw it last week.

    Walk the Line was also great...saw it on Thanksgiving.

  • schne_belly

    What is "cosmic Bowling"?


    "Cosmic Bowling" is like regular bowling. But instead of regular lights, they have black lights, so it's kind "dark" .The bowling pins are neon, so they glow and there is loud music. It's a blast...I'm a HORRIBLE bowler, but this makes it fun. It's become a New Years Eve tradition for my family.

  • Mastodon

    I got a 'half-day' today. yeah right! We in the creative department always get to stay while everyone else leaves early. Anyway, I got Monday off and I'm talking next Thursday and Friday as vacation days... woo-hoo!

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